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Survival PodcastSo I found a new site while browsing the internet, it’s called the Survival Podcast. Although the site is new it already has tons of great content. Can’t find time to read throughout the day? No prob. Just download these survival podcasts and listen to them on the way to work or even during work if you can.

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Survival Spot is dedicated to helping everyone learn philosophy and fundamentals of preparedness and survival.

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  1. EuroYank

    You forgot biological and germ warfare survival. Also you forgot surviving a police state, and you forgot surviving a corrupt justice system just to mention a few. You also forgot surviving the collapse of the economy and the dollar. Just a few little survival requirement tips!

  2. Survival Spot

    Was this post meant for the survival resources post? In either case thanks for the input Euroyank, your comment is appreciated. I’m working on a second update, theres just so many resources I felt it would best spread out. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you either you’re on my list ;)


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