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Top 10 Survival Supplies

Whether the world is in turmoil or everything is A-OK, having some basic survival supplies is always a good idea. Here are our picks for the best 10 supplies to have.

  1. Clean, drinkable water
  2. Food, easy to eat stuff (health bars, MRE’s, anything easy)
  3. A good knife or two
  4. Lighters
  5. Flashlights and Lanterns
  6. Basic Medical Kit
  7. Multi-tool
  8. A good hatchet
  9. Extra blankets & clothes
  10. A gun w/ ammo

It’s not much and once you get into the “preparedness” mindset you’ll realize even further. But hey we’ve got to crawl before we can walk right? This is a great start for ANYBODY. Good Luck!