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How To Survive A Flu Outbreak

During a serious flu outbreak, many people won’t survive. By following the tip outlned below your chances of survival will be better than most.

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1. Stay informed

In addition to taking the precautions below, staying informed as the spread of the outbreak is vital to the danger level at this moment in time. Unlike during the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918, we have access to information as it happens.

2. Prepare for Quarantine

In a severe crisis, travel restrictions, curfews and perhaps quarantines may be implemented. To be prepared for a situation like this:

3. Isolate yourself

Even if you are a healthy individual, avoiding people and public places as much as possible can prevent or reduce the chance of catching the flu.  Since many viruses can be passed several days before symptoms occur, you could be sick before you even know it.

4. Hygiene

5. Health


Don’t expect that there will be a vaccine for everyone, there is a limited supply

If you do get infected consider setting up a Quarantine room. This is no substitute for professional medical care but it could be good during disruption of services.