Swine flu could hit up to 40 percent in US

Swine flu could hit up to 40 percent in US

“In a disturbing new projection, health officials say up to 40 percent of Americans could get swine flu this year and next and several hundred thousand could die without a successful vaccine campaign and other measures.

The estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are roughly twice the number of those who catch flu in a normal season and add greater weight to hurried efforts to get a new vaccine ready for the fall flu season.

Swine flu has already hit the United States harder than any other nation, but it has struck something of a glancing blow that’s more surprising than devastating. The virus has killed about 300 Americans and experts believe it has sickened more than 1 million, comparable to a seasonal flu with the weird ability to keep spreading in the summer.””

[via Yahoo News]

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  1. Todd

    Some people we've talked to have said it may be better to get it now and get it over with before the ENTIRE world has it and everyone is panicking about what to do, etc.


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