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11th Edition Best of Basics

11th Edition of Back To Basics

What’s in the 11th Edition of Basics? I’m going to Keep It Super Simple! I’ve been receiving emails asking about the new version of Making the Best of Basics, 11th edition, 26th printing. When I started the 11th edition––actually the revision of the 10th edition––I was going to merely reprint it and put it out [...]

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Your Favorite Books on Preparedness, Self-Sufficiency, and Practical Skills

[via Survivalblog] In descending order of frequency, the 78 readers that responded to my latest survey recommended the following non-fiction books on preparedness, self-sufficiency, and practical skills: The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery (Far and away the most often-mentioned book. This book is an absolute “must” for every well-prepared family!) The Foxfire Book [...]

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Great Survival Books from Beserker

This post was written by an excellent blogger by the handle “Beserker”.  His blog is full of great reviews on outdoor/survival gear such as the Maratac bug out bag review (one of my favorite every day items). Read his blog you will like what you find. http://berserkersbushcraft.blogspot.com Woodcraft and Camping by George “Nessmuk” Sears is [...]

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10 Must Have Survival Books

Every Prepper should have a complete knowledge-base in their home library and these are books you can’t leave out of that library. Check out some of the best survival and self sufficiency books that we’ve found. These are books you need! 1. Making the Best of Basics 2. The Ultimate Guide to US Army Survival [...]

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