The Pocket Chainsaw

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  1. James Moore

    I own the same saw, I liked it so much that I bought two more. The saw is easy to use, after Im done I put some oil on it and put away for the next use.

  2. D Rogge

    I have owned one for a few months now. I like it, it works well as long as anything to be cut is placed on the ground. If your working from above a hanging branch (or larger) it will pinch the blade as it starts to come down. Basic chainsaw 101. It's a great product in my experience and use a little oil on mine too.

  3. Graham Thomas

    I think this Pocket Chainsaw is most-suitable in the garden. It is possible to cut the small tree branches and wooden pieces with minimal effort. Safety equipments are needed, otherwise this chainsaw might harm your hands.


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