This Is America’s Sugar Addiction – An Infographic


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  1. Maureen Coffey

    The worst thing isn't even the sheer amount of (white) sugar people consume (often without being aware of the "hidden" amounts). But the real tragedy is that people are warned against fat even more than against carbo hydrates. Reducing fat means you get fatter, since body fat is synthesized IN the body. It is not fat stored that was eaten before. All fats that are digested must be burnt, there is no storage mechanism in humans for dietary fats. Were it not so, then our bodies would reflect the characteristics of the fatty acids we eat. Otherwise meat eaters would have pig or bovine fats in their cells, and vegans would "consist of" nut or seed or other plant fats. But not a trace! All our fats are re-synthesized from the carbs we eat, and the main intake for many is the above sugar. So while you could fight fat with fat, i.e. reducing the relative amount of carbs in favor of fats sugar will always make you "fatter"! And now for artificial sweeteners. They are used in pig fattening too. Why don't pigs get lean too but increase weight instead? And why should humans, if pigs are the ideal human-animal proxy in feed studies and medicine (!), then get slim on artificial sweeteners if their nearest metabolic neighbor, the pig, gets fat? And indeed the amount of sweeteners consumed and obesity rates run in perfect parallel. So if you read the above graphic, don't jump to the conclusion that sweeteners are the "healthy" alternative. Apart from that sweeteners speed up the development of insulin intolerance and thus lead, via avoiding sugar, to even faster development of diabetes. And indeed, another curve that parallels the sweetener consumption is obesity related diabetes, once again.


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