Top 10 Man-Made Disasters

manmade global warming

NASA / Reuters / Handout

#1. Global Warming

Nobody doubts anymore that climate change is at least in part man-made. And even if the effects of global warming remain at the most benign end of the predicted range, it will be a disaster of unprecedented proportions. For years, that disaster has been unfolding so slowly that it’s been invisible. But now you can see it: Mountain glaciers around the world are melting, along with North polar sea ice and the ice cap atop Greenland; droughts are baking the U.S. southwest, Australia and sub-Saharan Africa; floods are devastating Bangladesh; and Central America is reeling from powerful hurricanes. Not all of these events can be tied absolutely to global warming, but all of them will surely become more frequent and intense as the world warms — ultimately threatening the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people.

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9 Responses

  1. Spook45

    HEH; I MUST disagree. There is NO scientific evidence to support anthropogenic global warming. In fact, most of the UNMANIPULATED data shows just the opposite. If you look at warming and cooling plotted on a graph over long term, it runs in a up and down wave like cycle. We are on the back side of a decending curve. All of the information to date that reflects the corolation between CO2 and global warming is the invers of what is being said(presented) the tempatures peek BEFORE the CO2 indicating that the temp rose first and thus promoted the CO2 in the atmosphere not the other way around. Go look at the real numbers and you will see for yourself. POINT, green plants consume CO2 during photosynthesis, err go, the more CO2, the GREENER the planet will be. CO2 feed green plants and PROMOTES GROWTH, thus lowering the CO2 level threw force of consumption. Global warming is a load of shit to get more of rights and more of your money under the thumbs of political HACKS

  2. Don

    Global warming is a lode of crap.

  3. David

    "Nobody doubts anymore that climate change is at least in part man-made" Nice that they open the article up with a lie. Saves me from wasting any time reading whatever junk follows the initial sentence.

  4. Survivalspot

    Let me make it clear that I agree 100% with our readers who believe that Global Warming is a hoax. This was an interesting article that highlighted some important disasters in our history which is why I posted it. I would be the last to promote global warming propaganda on this site – that's what the MSM is for! ;-)

    • bounty

      thats surely true :)

  5. gugi

    wat global warming

  6. bounty

    cn u list 5 man made disasters its 4 my project pls

  7. kriti

    can you send me 4 man made disaster

  8. krina

    cn u list 4 manmade and natural disaster its my project pls


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