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Water Purifiers 2.0

It’s amazing what kind of water purification technology exists these days. Things like reverse osmosis and UV light purification are changing the way we think about our drinking water.

Two new water purifiers actually produce by absorbing the humidity from the air. The Water Mill isn’t out yet but looks very promising, whereas the EcoloBlue can produce 7 gallons in about 24 hours which costs you only 20 cents a gallon….not bad.

Water Mill

These seem to have a lot of potential for being solar powered, however the technology needs a leap forward until I would give it the survivalist stamp of approval. If however you want to use it to fill up water containers for storage or for daily drinking that would be a great idea.

(if you keep it inside will it dry out the house??)

The Berkey is the standard for survivalists and long term water purification.  Producing anywhere from 5 to 25 gallons an hour and lasting for 2000 gallons per filter, the Berkey is a wise choice for large groups over an extended period of time.
Berkey Water Filter

The base camp water filter is my choice for “on the go” water purification for more than one person. The base camp water filter works on gravity, simply fill up the bag, hang it on a tree and bam you have over a gallon of clean drinking water an hour. And the filters can last for an impressive 5,300 gallons.

Katydyn Base Camp Filter

Not a purifier but still useful. Fill up your bath tub with water during an emergency and use this nifty plastic cover to pump out every last drop of water in there. It also protects it (somewhat) from the elements during storage

Water BOB