Where does your food come from?

With so much variety and our constant battle to find the cheapest price, have we really thought about where that item comes from and how it came into production? Here is an article out of Peru about working in a clothing factory, and an article discussing idolatry with major corporations.


I find it ridiculous that people seem to not care where there food, clothing or anything comes from. Even if they know it comes from a sweat shop from Asia, they ignore it or give a stupid reasoning for it. My only question is that when the same happens to you, who is going to make a stand?

The best way we can voice our opinions is with our dollars, because that is what is going to hurt the corporation. Another thing that people need to wake up to is the lies and promises that companies tell us. When I was younger and I was looking around company website, every single one I came across sounded better than the last one, it seemed so perfect.

Now looking back at that, our world is an illusion where we are sold on the idea of perfection yet the opposite is the reality but no one dares to face it so instead they use any alternative route to escape reality.

This also touches on another article i wrote discussing the major problems for the next 10 years and one of them was our food supply. Because food prices are cheaper, more farmers are loosing jobs while the corporations are taking over and consolidating. The second article from Moneyless World discussing how we are blind to seeing all the damage that is being done to our communities and nature all in the means of these companies making a buck. Why do we turn a blind eye to that?

People seem to be so addicted to low prices that they would line up at 6 am in front of the store to make sure they get that product but when it comes to activism against illegal dumping, employee treatment, unhealthy farming and so on, there is no one ready to fight for these causes.

Perhaps we need to wake up and find our priorities. Because as much as we say we hate corporations, we continue to work for them and support them, and make excuses whenever we are confronted about it. When will we draw the line; when we are all eating GMO foods and our organs are failure and we are dying?

As I say, if it didn’t come straight from the earth, it ain’t food. Why are our supermarkets full of so much stuff in boxes, that ain’t food at all.

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