Woman Threatened With Jail Time for Planting Vegetables in her Own Yard

Julie Bass(NaturalNews) The anti-food tyrants are at it again, this time threatening a Michigan woman with fines and jail time for her “crime” of daring to plant tomatoes and peppers in her front yard. Your help is needed to take action and fire off an avalanche of complaints against the local bureaucrats in Michigan who are threatening this woman (see action items below).

This story involves a woman named Julie Bass, whose front yard was dug up during sewer line construction. After the construction project was completed, instead of planting grass, she thought it would be far more practical to plant a vegetable garden. Watch the brief news reports on this at:

Vegetable gardens not only provide organic, high-nutrient live foods to those who grow them, studies have also linked gardening to enormous health benefits such as sharp reductions in the risk of breast cancer (http://www.naturalnews.com/025280_cancer_breast_women.htm) and even lung cancer. They also create an environment of food security while promoting eco-friendly practices. There’s no food that’s more “local” than the food grown in your own front yard, right? It’s good for public health, great for the environment, and fantastic for teaching children useful skills that get them out of the house and away from the X-Box.

Thou shalt not grow food in Oak Park

None of this seems to matter to Kevin Rulkowski, the city planner for the city of Oak Park, Michigan. With a nasty arrogance that seems to be increasingly common among ignorant bureaucrats, he complains in a video news report that Julie Bass’s garden is in violation of city code and Julie has to dig up her entire garden or face punitive enforcement actions by the city (which could include jail time).

City code says, “All unpaved portions of the site shall be planted with grass, shrubbery or other suitable live plant material.”

But city planner Kevin Rulkowski, who really just comes off as an arrogant bully in his attacks on Julie Bass, proclaims, “If you look in Webster’s dictionary, suitable means common. And you can look all throughout the entire city and you’ll never find a vegetable garden that consumes the entire front yard.” (http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=1D577A9747A66FE9316E584F7E781867).

Hold on a minute, Mr. Rulkowski. Suitable does not mean “common.” Suitable means appropriate within the context in which it is being used. Check any dictionary and you’ll see the definition of “suitable” being either “appropriate” or “proper.”

Even the Webster’s dictionary Mr. Rulkowski quotes in his news report doesn’t define “suitable” as “common.” It defines “suitable” as “proper, able, or qualified” and gives examples such as “The dress was a SUITABLE choice.”

Well what could be more suitable to a family with a yard than teaching children how to grow some of their own food right at home? That’s suitable! It’s the most suitable (and natural) thing in the world, in fact. What’s weird is to grow nothing but grass and then spray your lawn with toxic chemicals to kill all the weeds, and then mow the lawn every week burning up fossil fuels and polluting the air just to keep your lawn manicured. That’s bizarre (and terrible for city air quality, by the way).

Gardening, on the other hands, is eco-friendly, health-friendly and great for the air quality of the city! What could be more suitable to a city than people growing more of their own food right at home, right on their front lawns?

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3 Responses

  1. Le Loup

    The mind boggles, this is incredible. Vegitables do flower, & one can companion plant flowers too. I simply can’t imagine what sort of person would complain about someone growing vegies in the front yard, especially when it looks neat & tidy as this one does. There are some real mean people out there.

    I hope she wins her case, & I hope more people start growing vegies in their front & back yards.

    • Survivalspot

      I think she will win her case. The city leaders have been receiving numerous phone calls and emails from the public, letting them know there are people out there who care and who will stand up and fight together with our fellow patriots when necessary.

  2. Jeff

    I've sent an email myself, offering other obsolete definitions he might want to use to continue to avoid divulging the real reasons for going after local residents.

    In the meantime, I'm a fan of "malicious compliance." I would consider removing the vegetable planters, putting in their place the ugliest grass I could find. I'd top that off with horribly mismatched and asymmetrically placed shrubs. Maybe some fruit bearing shrubs at that. And some of the worst looking fruit bearing trees imaginable.


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