ATN Viper Night Vision Goggle

Price: $279.00

ATN viper night vision goggles

Ideal for hunting, camping, boating, or surveillance, the ATN Viper expandable goggle system makes it easy to see in the dark while keeping your hands free for activities. The first-generation, high-resolution night-vision unit features a magnification ratio of 1x, but offers the option of expanding to 4x or 8x. More significantly, the unit is extremely versatile: you can use it for hands-free activities such as fishing or paintball, as a compact monocular, or attach it to a camera for nighttime photography. And even though ATN outfitted the Viper with a heavy-coated glass lens, the company managed to keep the weight down to only 9 ounces.

The Viper fits around your head via a comfortable fabric strap, which includes both forehead and chin pads for security. The goggle itself, meanwhile, offers such features as a built-in IR illuminator, an automatic brightness control, an adjustable eyepiece, a manual focus system, and single-switch button operation. An excellent alternative to night-vision binoculars, the Viper is water-and dust-resistant and comes with a soft case.


  • Intensifier tube: 1st-gen +1 high resolution
  • Lens system: 35mm, f/1.0
  • Resolution: 40 lp/mm
  • Detection range: 150 meters
  • Recognition range: 100 meters
  • Minimum light required: 3×0.001 lux
  • Focal range: 1 foot to infinity
  • Field of view: 14 degrees
  • Diopter: +/- 5
  • Battery life: 8 to 10 hours (continuous)
  • Power supply: 3-volt lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 5 by 2 by 1 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Warranty: 2 years

Price: $269.00

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