Temporary Shelters

Although it’s not the ideal situation, there may be a time when a tent, tipi or other temporary shelter will be a godsend to you. Some of them are cheap, some very expensive but either way it is important to have a good understanding of these types of shelters and which one is right for you in an extreme survival situation.

Camping Tent

Modern technology offers some amazing features in tents these days. Take the Alaknak from Cabelas, this tent has EVERYTHING including vents, awnings, high durability and light weight materials.

Alaknak Tent

Camping tents can be found anywhere from Big 5 to Walmart. However if you are going to spend any amount of money on a shelter DO NOT get the cheapest thing you can find. You get what you pay for and you will regret buying a cheap tent when your seams and poles start to break when you need it most.

Eureka Tents

Canvas Tent

Canvas tents are basically a mix between a tipi and a modern camping tent. These tents have been used for hundreds of years and have a long standing tradition here in the US. These tents offer superior protection and moderate mobility. These are good tents to own.
Canvas Tent

Elk Mountain Tents
Reliable Tent
Colorado Yurt
Davis Tent

Military Tents

Plain and simple; there is no better tent than a military tent. Straight out of a movie these tents have every feature you could imagine including complete blackout capabilities. They’re expensive and difficult to transport (due to the extremely strong frame) but as far as a temporary shelter goes these tents are the best.
Military Tent
Military Grade Tent

Army Tents
Alaska Structures


A yurt is perhaps the most permanent temporary shelter. These babies will keep you warm and safe and protected from the elements in the most extreme types of weather. The downside is the hefty price tag and low mobility. This is a better option for the survivalist with an empty piece of property waiting for a cabin or home.
Mongolian Yurt

Colorado Yurt
Yurt Works

You can even make your own Yurt with a little bit of effort, these thing are time tested. The mongols used these types of structures during their roaming destruction and conquest.

Build a Yurt

Yurt Building

Geodesic Domes

The Geodesic dome is a very sturdy structure. It is perhaps one of the most efficient structures and is capable of offering superior protection against the weather. The only real drawback is the price tag and the lack of portability. While they are much easier to transport than a yurt this isn’t exactly a “back packing” structure.
Geodesic Dome
Geodesic Dome

Turtle Tuff Shelters


Tipis are one of the oldest types of structures and perhaps the first man made shelter ever created in North America. Nevertheless these are perfect shelters for the North American continent and have hundreds or probably thousands of years of time testing behind them. Tipis are highly recommended shelters and are well suited for the weather. They are portable and can accommodate fires during winter.

Strinz Tipis
Colorado Yurt
Reliable Tent

Emergency Shelter

These are the kind of shelters you don’t want to be in. Generally they are only as a last resort, but hey it’s better than no resort.
Emergency Shelter

Wilderness Survival Shelter
Make a hay bale structure
Emergency Shelter


And Finally there’s the trailer option….I do not recommend these very much because of their high cost and dependence on gas for mobility. But to each his own.
Survival Trailer

Campa USA

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  1. Michael

    Never thought about no rain while the Ark was getting built. Good quote!


  2. Steve Bullock

    Reese Tipis is apparently no more. I paid for a set of tipi poles back in September 2008 and I still don’t have them. I finally was able to contact Richard Reese on December 29th, he told me that he didn’t have my poles and when asked about the $958.00 he owed me he replied, “Too Bad”. Avoid doing ANY business with this dishonest person in the future! He will cheat you! He is Dishonest! He is now facing a criminal complaint filed with the FBI’s branch of Internet crime. Stay away from this person!!

  3. Wolly

    Shelters are a great way to survive in the wilderness

  4. Jace Kim

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  5. xDestregax

    you also seem to have forgotten the traditional log cabin, while difficult to build, it can provide the best form of shelter imaginable, as well as all of the supplies you need being in the general vicinity of where you'd be staying anyways; i would prefer a simple log cabin over anything

    • bob

      did you see the "temporary" in the title?

  6. @patriotprovides

    The MGPTS and RDS tents are by far the best temporary shelters if you have the money to get them. I have only seen them carried at Patriot Provisions, but I am sure some other gear places carry them.


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