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Site Traffic

The Survival Spot Blog has been growing with unprecedented speed since its creation in April of 2008. The first month the blog received around 120 visitors. In the month of October of 2008 the site received about 6300 visits. In November of 2009 the blog received over 18,000. Traffic from December 08’ to January 09’ increased 75% and the site has shown consistent traffic growth of 15-30% month over month. The month of January 2010 received 28,496 visitors and 94,707 page views.

In Aug 2010, the blog received 42,000 visitors and 97,000 pageviews.

Page Views

Our blog is setup for visitor convenience, not to manipulate page views. Many publishers setup posts in way that forces visitors to view multiple pages. We like to keep all of our content on one page to make it easier for visitors to read the information on the blog. This does however reduce the potential page views, but we feel this strengthens your position as an advertiser. Loyalty to advertisements comes from loyalty to their source.

The Survival Spot Blog receives 30% of return visitors monthly. In Oct. 09’ 150 people visited the blog 100-200 times, 327 visited 50-100 times and 435 visited 25-50 times. Our readership is composed mostly of individuals who are devoted to emergency preparedness or “Preppers” as we like to refer to them. The “Prepper” is very consistent and typically makes multiple purchases and repeat purchases (in many cases even bulk orders).

SEO / Social Media

Survival Spot is on the leading edge of SEO and social media. We have hundreds of top search engine rankings, including being ranked #2 for Survival Blog in Google. Additionally, our content receives large amounts of exposure on popular social media sites like,,, and

What does this mean for you?

As an advertiser you will reap the benefits of being tied to a reputable and growing publisher. Right now you have the chance to receive great exposure to targeted audiences for an unbeatable price.