Gobspark Firesteel with Super Scraper and Lanyard

Price: $22.95

gobspark firesteel

Product Description

The GobSpark™ Armageddon FireSteel has an ulta-unique FireSteel Handle attached to a big World famous FireSteel.com FireSteel.

The innovative GobSpark FireSteel handle is designed for optimal use in all weather, with or without gloved hands.

Invented by FireSteel.com to maximize your grip on this large FireSteel, you’ll get the biggest most robust gobs of sparks you have ever seen from a FireSteel. What’s more, your grip on the firesteel is so rock-steady your sparks may never miss your tinder again!

Note that the GobSpark™ Armageddon FireSteel has:

  1. A BIGGER FireSteel than comparable products – it is thicker and it is longer
  2. A BETTER handle
  3. A FireSteel.com FireSteel that gives far greater sparks than any others you may have used.
  4. And it is LESS EXPENSIVE

With all these advantages, the GobSpark™ Armageddon FireSteel is an excellent choice.

Easy to Use with Gloved Hands

Imagine trying to start a fire with very cold hands or while wearing gloves. A small blocky firesteel handle may be very difficult to hold onto. But using a GobSpark™ Armageddon FireSteel presents no problem, even with gloved hands.

Easy to Aim Your Sparks onto the Tinder

To use this special FireSteel Handle (see video below as well as the pictures)

    1. Place the handle in the palm of your hand so that the firesteel lays between your index and middle fingers.

gobspark firesteel step1

    1. Position your hand palm-down and place the FireSteel Rod next to your tinder.

gobspark firesteel step 2

    1. While holding the firesteel handle tightly, scrape the FireSteel rod hard and fast in one fluid motion

gobspark firesteel step 3

This will produce a massive shower of white hot 5500 degree F sparks aimed directly at your tinder.

The special shape of the handle allows for creative attachment to your belt or gear.

Comes with 550 paracord lanyard and FireSteel.com Super Scraper.

Also, note that this is a very BIG FireSteel at a great price – not to mention its innovative handle, super scraper optimized for FireSteels, and first-class lanyard.


Product Features

  • Works even when wet
  • Enough firesteel to light thousands of fires
  • 5,500 degrees F sparks (3000 degrees C)
  • Handle easy to hold on to even when wearing gloves in cold weather
  • Very easy to use

Price: $15.99

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