Kelly Kettle

Price: $84.99

Large Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle is the perfect kitchen companion in the wilderness. Whether you’re cooking, camping and hunting, the Kelly Kettle makes cooking quick and easy. (video demonstration below)

  • Kelly Kettles for Camping, Picnics, Scouts, Fishing, etc.
  • NO Batteries, NO Gas – FREE FUEL!  Works with any fuel: sticks, dry grass, bark, pine cones, even dry animal dung!
  • In Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • No open fire (the fire is contained within the kettle & fire base).
  • Lightweight, compact, durable & works in extreme weather.
  • For Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness or Disaster Kits
  • Carbon neutral green camping.
  • No travel restrictions (planes etc.)
  • 4 sizes available (1.7ltr / 1.42ltr / 1ltr / 0.57ltr)
  • Boil water & cook at the same time!
  • 2yr anti-leak warranty
  • Excellent customer service


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