Solar Roof Vent

Price: $24.99

Solar Roof Vent

Solar Roof Vent for Car, RV, Shed, Boat, Greenhouse

Product Description

This solar ventilator removes hot humid air from roof spaces much more efficiently than normal wind turbines. Simple instructions show you how to cut a 3 inch hole or drill a pattern of small holes in your structure. The solar vent comes with a mounting base plate for the outside and a vent grill plate for the inside Specs: Voltage Voc: 2V Current Isc: up to 400mA Inside grill size; 6×6 Outside mounting plate; 6×6 Fan unit; 5 1/2 in. Built in solar panel; 4 1/2 in.


Product Features

  • Easily Mounts on Ceiling, Wall, House, Car, Boat, RV, Shed, Doghouse, Outhouse, You Name it!
  • No operating cost, charging by solar is free, safe, fast and easy
  • Helps to keep air fresh and removes odors from cooking, animals, etc Lets hot air out & cool air in
  • Circulates the air slowly and smoothly Weather resistant, and water resistant
  • Simple, easy to install, no wiring, no plugs, no electricity, no battery, no noise

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