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Dr. Drew Miller was a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Academy, earning an academic scholarship to Harvard University where he received a Masters Degree and PhD in Public Policy. As an intelligence officer in the Air Force and defense consultant for a Department of Defense think tank, he is familiar with our national security vulnerabilities. As an elected official, University of Nebraska Regent, businessman, and former member of the Senior Executive Service, he is aware of the political issues that stop us from fixing them. Drew wrote Rohan Nation: Reinventing America after the 2020 Collapse to warn of the disasters we face if we don’t break the nation’s addiction to socialist entitlements and return to Constitutional, strictly limited government, focused on national security.
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With irresponsible government, we need to be prepared for the worst

by Dr. Drew Miller Our unconstitutional Government is irresponsible, so you must be prepared for the worst.  We ignore warnings.  Both as a nation and as individuals, we tend to ignore big threats, unprepared for the “Black Swan” events that dominate history.  I’m not just referring to years of ignoring al Qaeda threats or the [...]

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