2020 Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s be honest, we all know that the entire year has basically been a complete shit show. All of the “hypothetical” apocalypse scenarios that we have speculated on for years all seem to have come to fruition at once. Civil unrest, a global pandemic and unprecedented government overreach has left us all hoping that we could simply hit the fast forward button to the New Year.

But since most of us aren’t rich enough to have access Tesla’s time machine device, we may as well make the best of what’s left of the frail fabric holding society together and celebrate the pagan holiday of Halloween!

Read on for some clever ways to incorporate the mask wearing ritual into your holiday attire!

1. Plague Doctor

plague doctor
Click here to buy this costume

2. V for Vendetta

V-for-VendettaClick here to buy this costume

3. Chemical Warfare Soldier

Chemical Warfare
Click here to buy this costume

4. Ghillie Suit

ghillie-suitClick here to buy this Costume

5. 3D Zombie

Click here to buy this costume

6. Storm Trooper

storm-trooperClick here to buy this costume

7. Ninja

Click here to buy this costume

8. Roman Gladiator

SpartanClick here to buy this costume

9. Chewbacca

Click here to buy this costume

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