10 Impressive Doomsday Bunkers

Apocalypse 2012WW3 is breaking out, the nuclear bombs are going off, where would you go? You may not know, but powerful individuals around the world have a plan in case of such event, and it doesn’t include you. In an EOTW scenario, mega-bunkers have been quietly built for the last 60 years, ensuring that world leaders and government structures will continue, no matter what.

There are so many underground bunkers we could explore, but we chose to focus on the largest and most significant underground facilities that we know of. Most underground bunkers that become public end up being abandoned, so most if not all of these locations won’t be the primary bunkers for government leaders when the SHTF. But we can at least get an idea of the size, precision and vastness of these subterranean cities and the networks that connect them. Let’s take a look a look at 10 very impressive doomsday bunkers.

1. Mount Weather

mount weather - aerial view

Mount Weather, also known as the “Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center” is described as a civilian command facility in the heart of Virginia. It is also used as the center of operations for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). This site is known to be a major relocation site, which would serve as one primary location for the Continuity of Operations Plan. If the President or FEMA were to make an announcement over the Emergency Alert System, it would likely come from here.

Interesting Fact
This location was discovered when TWA Flight 514, crashed into Mount Weath on Dec. 1st 1974.


FULLY WELDED Tornado Shelter 10’x8′ for 1-16 people, built in accordance with FEMA Standards (COMMUNITY STORM SHELTER)

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  1. anthony salas

    im a 17 year old teenager who has had dreams to live a successful life and join the army rangers, retire after 25 years of service and go to college for ancient research. it sucks knowing these things are happening, i know there WILL be a solar flare this year…. i dont know whether it will be destructive or not but i have bin to colorado international airport and saw everything with the mural and freemason's… i cant really sit here and do much about it tho but to just pray for safety in both my family and my future….

    • derp

      they cant predict a solar flare, that's like predicting a year in advance a thunderstorm in your neighborhood they are making an educated guess, a guess. if it were gambling, their odds wouldn't be very good at all

    • Anthony

      not sure if your aware of this but solar flares are always "hitting the earths atmosphere. the whole doomsday thing is such a crock and in my personal opinion nothing to worry about. all these speculation about this doomsday scare is based on the information that was scribed on the aztec calender as 2012 being the end of the world when it really means the end of an era, and then we go into a new era. the calender didnt go any further that 2012 and thats when all this scare went into the minds of the weak people. youre gonna be fine, just keep the faith. you say you pray so you must be a warrior for christ and thats a major plus. with that said, let me just add, no one but christ himself knows when the end will come, but if you follow the word of lord and are a true believer in christ then you will have no reason to fear.

      • Bryan

        You mean "Mayan" calendar. I do believe that their calendar is misinterpreted, though. This isn't the only thing that propagates, if you like, the idea of an apocalypse. DaVinci's prophecies along with predictions straight from the Holy Bible also entice people to belief in a pending apocalypse. However, all of these prophecies/predictions can simple be misinterpretations as well.

    • oni

      anthony,i know it seems allis lost,im wondering id this is your true hearts desire and God has called you to it,then perhaps puruing it anyway is fruitfull. we can never know his plans for us until we walk it out and the Holy Spirit will guide and reveal. please be encouraged and smart brother.

    • o gibson

      young man all life on earth is temporary your first move should be to follow instructions in the holy bible and prepare your forever life..good luck to you and i wish you a happy life now and here after!

  2. jimbo

    So now we know why the country is in so much debt. The government is taking our tax money to build elaborate bunkers for themselves. And leaving us outside to suffer. Thats how much our government cares about its people. They are all selfish and worthless to the american people.

    • friend of the earth

      Ezekiel 33:27 NAS
      "Thus you shall say to them, 'Thus says the Lord GOD, "As I live, surely those who are in the waste places will fall by the sword, and whoever is in the open field I will give to the beasts to be devoured, and those who are in the strongholds and in the caves will die of pestilence.

    • LiLy Pierre

      It's not the bunkers or all the banks and housing bubble… It's paying for all the illegals and they don't all come from South American countries. I work in a place where I see them come in a lie to our officials.. and get tax payer handouts… THEY come from all over the world. See how much we are forced to pay for them at : IMMIGRATIONCOUNTERS.COM

  3. jakepi

    Let them place every cnceivable type of resource imaginable inside these federal bunkers and let the so called nations elite find a place in each of them. When the economy collapses the public will experience food riots and they will find each of them and they will cover the fresh air intakes of each of them, then the occupants will come out of their own accord gasping for their next breath of fresh air and each of them will face the street justice from those that were left outside to fend for themselves. After that you can have a lifetimes supply of all of the necessities and then some!


      If the elite have the money to build these crazy bunkers, dont you think they will be well protected/hidden?

      Goodluck getting around the security messures that are in place. If you can even get to the place.

      ID 10 T error……

  4. WV proud

    Greenbrier is in West Virginia not Virginia

  5. Denny Peterson

    Doomsday Bunkers…Dumb, Dumb, Dumb If I wanted the food that was in Bunker, All I would do is cut off their air suppy and they would come running out like crazy. No matter what size Bunker there is always a easy way to stop their air supply (From foam spray to plactic sheets). I have came up with the only way to stop the food seekers and Im not going to share

  6. Rama K

    I live on an island far from the nuclear first strike hotspots and am about to start construction on an underground bunker for myself, my wife and 2 boys. I will not be seeking planning permission, I will be calling the rather large hole that people ask about a swimming pool in the hope that people really are that stupid. I will then build my domed house over it so as to disguise the fact that i have just concreted over my swimming pool. I think that paranoia is starting to take hold. Wish me luck for the future. Oh and lets not forget that the alien lifeforms might just be waiting for us to wipe ourselves out because afterall occupying abandoned property is so much easier.

    • aGeologist

      You realize a dome structure is way more likely to fail in the event of an earthquake, right?

  7. freeconnect2000

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    • King

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  8. Lorne

    ok so this is an idea. say your make yourself an underground bunker with an air vent what happens if a tropical storm or alot of water comes in? the bunker gets flooded right. so build a gutter system right below the vent and have it lead to a water tank to recycle it or put heating prods in that room to burn up the water but be warned it will raise the humidty in the bunker and too much can kill someone so you'll have to be able to vent out the humidity if not game over. just a big tip all gases go up and hydrajon is a gas. dont use a dehumidifyer to do it that will just turn the gas back into water if you do make the vent for the water tank just make sure its a 1 way vent because other things can fall in and clog it if you also at the top of the vent put a space and then a triangular like roof over it so debris doesent keep the vent from working THIS AN IDEA FOR ALL UNDERGROUND DOOMSDAY PREPS (if you like this idea send me an email at )([email protected])

    • Genius

      You can't imagine a design for an air vent that would keep water out while letting air in? Because as we all know, houses with chimneys flood every time there is a storm.

    • Derp

      Full stops are your friend.

  9. Jon

    I am so impressed I started reading and could stop. Cool Spot You Got Here Home made bunker right now live feed on YOUTUBE Bridgeboy513 lmao

  10. oni

    excellent site,thank you. Many things come to mind:1. there 25 yrs ahead of us in all ways,so were kinda like thunderdome movie with tina turner. 2. are taxes paid for all of it,so technically is ours(hint). 3. its at the door,so lobbying isnt the answer and evil isnt going negotiate,know what i mean? st.john 3:3king james bible

  11. Isaac

    cool info. Not sure why everyone had to go religious about it. I'm pretty sure no one here has any miss conceived ideas in regards to out mortality. One interesting fact about the Denver airport is , all the fences are topped with barbed-wire and lean inward to the tarmac and buildings instead of outward. Almost as it was designed to keep people in as apposed to out.

  12. kotly gazowe

    Wow, wonderful blog structure! How long have you ever been running a blog for? you made running a blog look easy. The whole glance of your site is great, let alone the content!

  13. Rational Justin

    Bunkers are a nice idea, but they are only a viable option in certain situations. If you are under fire and the enemy is determined to kill you, they are going to be able to wait you out, or drill into the bunker and flood it or douse it with gasoline.

    My preference would be to be mobile and have a few different escape plans no matter where I am.

  14. guest

    I have no doubt that bunkers are being built by the rich. I think it's why they manipulated all the financial markets to transfer such enormous amounts of money from the majority to the top 1%. But I believe it's because they know ecological collapse is near. As a biologist, I pay a great deal of attention to latest scientific reports on rate of climate change, methane emissions, loss of biodiversity, dropping crop yields, totally unsustainable use of earth's natural resources, etc. With the corporations in control, there is very little chance our societies will make the changes necessary to prevent total collapse of our biosphere. The rich think they can sit in their bunkers and wait until the majority of the human population dies off and the earth becomes viable again. But it could be a very, very long time (if ever) that the planet would again be suitable for our species.

  15. Orlando

    The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is truly incredible. I would love to see that in person. (minus the nuclear explosion)

    • denver sprinklers

      Well I wish I could make a place like this before a war ever happen again. Maybe I will ask a professional landscaper.

  16. Jack Simon

    Truly incredible, but nothing compared to the Secret Underground Hanging Gardens Of New Babylon, vast caverns complete with natural springs, state-of-the-art air filtration, controlled nuclear fusion mini Sun, fields of genetically modified crops and cloned farm animals for food. The entrance it is said is located near Kakebeka Falls in Ontario Canada. Designed for the ruling elite to survive a planned purge of the Earth's surface to deal with overpopulation and establish a world-wide utopian society.

  17. Bee Safe Security

    Survival shelter is an absolute priority if you face a wilderness survival situation in harsh or unpredictable weather. Thanks!

  18. Guest

    Ezekiel 33:27
    "Thus you shall say to them, 'Thus says the Lord GOD, "As I live, surely those who are in the waste places will fall by the sword, and whoever is in the open field I will give to the beasts to be devoured, and those who are in the strongholds and in the caves will die of pestilence.

  19. cool bunkers

    cool bunkers

  20. Zombie Tank

    Zombie Tank may be a driving game wherever you'll drive an excellent trendy tank on a town path and you'll destroy everything in its path.

  21. LiLy Pierre

    Population influx into this country, by illegals and even legal immigrants, because they all breed many babies and bring in more, relatives and inlaws….will only make it harder for those already here. There will be less resources, more killing, more fighting. We need to lower the influx now, not tomorrow.

  22. survivalist blog

    It’s awesome for me to have a website, which is useful in support of my experience.

    thanks admin

  23. Joseph

    If i need a shelter underground who would i contact. I might need to provide a safe haven for family please help

  24. Sherita

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks, However I am encountering problems
    with your RSS. I don’t understand why I can’t
    join it. Is there anygone else having similar RSS issues? Anyone thaqt knows thhe soluton can you kindly respond?


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