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This survival blog is dedicated entirely to the practice and philosophy of survival. We teach you not only the “hows” but also the “whys” of survival and emergency preparedness. We bring you regular updates on survival related news including natural and man-made disasters, economic troubles or anything else that might require us to beef up our efforts as survivalists and make sure we’re never caught off guard. In addition to the latest survival news, you’ll also find a ton of resources on our site. We post lots of video how to’s, DIY (do it yourself) articles on everything from wilderness survival to homesteading. Be sure to check out our downloads section for a great collection of hand selected e-books,guides and tools all FREE courtesy of our amazing sponsors and supporters.

We believe in paying it forward. Every person we can help bring closer to the truth and become more prepared is one less person that will be in need when TSHTF.


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