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Food Labeling And What You Should Know

Everything you need to know about food labeling. Know what to avoid and what to buy.

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The Ebola Virus in 3D

Since Ebola was first described in 1976, there have been several epidemics of this disease. Hundreds of people have died because of Ebola infections, mainly in Zaire, Sudan, Congo and Uganda. In addition, several fatalities have occurred because of accidents in laboratories working with the virus. Currently, a number of scientists claim that terrorists may [...]

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Eaters Demand Right to Know if GMO

“This food contains genetically modified ingredients.” Such a label on food items is being demanded by food-conscious individuals

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Join Millions Against Monsanto on World Food Day!

Take Action This Sunday with Millions Against Monsanto! Join One of More than 100 World Food Day Events Nationwide!

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Sneak Attack Launched on US Supplements

Today, both the FDA and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) dropped policy “bombs” on those of us who use dietary supplements. It is no mere coincidence that both were released on the Friday before a holiday weekend. By timing the introduction of their anti-supplement legislation and regulatory guidance this way, the FDA and Sen. Durbin are [...]

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Radiation in Our Food

Though the horrendous tsunami that hit Japan on March 12, 2011 seems like old news in the midst of today’s headlines, the crippled nuclear power plants at Fukishima Daichi continue to spew radiation into water, air and soil, with no end in sight.

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