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Emergency Plan

So, I was digging around on the ready.gov website and I came across a cool widget (Quick Share) that allows you to generate an email text containing emergency contact info for you to share with family, friends, etc.  In addition to your info, it shares your emergency contact, out-of-town contact, and neighborhood meeting place. Right [...]

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Slow but Steady

I started preparing about one year ago after what I saw happen in the financial markets. I, like many others are getting myself and my family ready for whatever the world can throw at us. However, like all of us I’m not even sure what I’m preparing for. That in itself makes the job more [...]

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Gov. declares winter preparedness day

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM), Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), and the National Weather Service (NWS), along with other state and local agencies have teamed together to share information designed to assist the public in taking action now to ensure they are better prepared for the season. With winter weather comes the need [...]

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Trends In Emergency Preparedness

Often times, like with everything in life, we become complacent with our surroundings and our day to day routines. But with preparedness we must stay motivated and organized or efforts may be in vain. Interesting data from Google Insights shows actual interest in emergency preparedness based on search volume. As you can see in this [...]

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90 Survivalist Twitterers To Follow

http://twitter.com/survivalspot (that’s us!) http://twitter.com/preparednesspro http://twitter.com/Northlandfox http://twitter.com/wolfeblog http://twitter.com/PapaSwamp http://twitter.com/kentuckyprepper http://twitter.com/suburbansurvive http://twitter.com/EverybodySafe http://twitter.com/BeASurvivor http://twitter.com/Redcross http://twitter.com/Citizen_Corps http://twitter.com/ReadyAmerica http://twitter.com/ReadydotGov http://twitter.com/emergencynews http://twitter.com/BreakingNews http://twitter.com/Phil801 http://twitter.com/dorisandjilly http://twitter.com/TheSurvivalMom http://twitter.com/72hourplan http://twitter.com/MegaDisaster http://twitter.com/RedCrossPDX http://twitter.com/surviveit http://twitter.com/EmergencyEmail http://twitter.com/ctsurvivalist http://twitter.com/AboveTopSecret http://twitter.com/SurvivalistCity http://twitter.com/SwineFlu http://twitter.com/CDCemergency http://twitter.com/BirdFluGov http://twitter.com/beprepared http://twitter.com/offgridsurvival http://twitter.com/ReadySetGoKits http://twitter.com/ron5x5wolf http://twitter.com/womenofcaliber http://twitter.com/NRAblog http://twitter.com/FoodStorageTips http://twitter.com/everythingprep http://twitter.com/Modernsurvival http://twitter.com/Constutionalist http://twitter.com/PreparedPlanet http://twitter.com/ReadyPrepared http://twitter.com/SurvivalHive http://twitter.com/WorstCaseBooks http://twitter.com/urban_homestead http://twitter.com/SurvivalInsight http://twitter.com/survivalgal http://twitter.com/diytactical http://twitter.com/MonroeOnABudget http://twitter.com/Fernwise http://twitter.com/PrepareDirect http://twitter.com/ocredcross http://twitter.com/JayceHall http://twitter.com/Survivalistblog [...]

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Why we need to prepare

Once again nature shows us why we need to prepare and why we need to diversify our preparedness efforts. Some had their homes destroyed and all of their supplies along with it. Others got out in time and were doing just fine in a hotel room or an alternate bugout location. Now with billions of [...]

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