As the survivalism movement continues to gain steam in America today, many are starting to ask what it all really means? A lot of people throw around the term “prepper”, as an alternative to “survivalist” and it’s no surprise. But what exactly is a “prepper” or survivalist? A survivalist isn’t simply someone who’s thinking about the future or wanting to be prepared. Anyone can be prepared but I think true survivalists live a lifestyle of preparedness focused around clearly defined principles and continuous personal improvement.

While everyone may have their own definition of what a “survivalist” is, here’s mine:

A true survivalist:

  1. Already has or is in the process of obtaining food, water, medicine and other storage items needed to care for themselves and their families in the event of a long term emergency
  2. Has or is attempting to gain the knowledge needed to protect themselves and their families from physical harm including self defense training, home protection strategies, weapons and tools, etc.
  3. Attempt to make their lives more sustainable in every feasible way such as installing passive energy systems, organic gardening, reducing dependency on petroleum, etc.
  4. Is someone who takes responsibility for their life
  5. Has stewardship over mind, body and soul
  6. Always seeks to become less reliant on systems or technologies
  7. Is wise and frugal, always avoiding debt and wasteful spending
  8. Is always learning and expanding their personal knowledge
  9. Understands that no one is immune from danger
  10. Is consciences of their environment, aware and ready
  11. Cares about their community and strives to make it a better one
  12. Has and uses common sense
  13. Walks in light and love and has the wisdom to shut out fear and negative thought patterns.
  14. Takes the actions necessary to survive and thrive in their environment
  15. Is adaptable, changing, and if need be – ready to take control of a crisis situation
  16. Has a strong will and is ready to face obstacles, even in the face of fear
  17. Is a good Samaritan and does not work against peace and good will
  18. Believes in and when necessary fights for freedom and basic rights
  19. Values what they have and works to live providently
  20. Believes in themselves and they causes they stand for

Survivalism is a mindset, a movement and internal state of being that is centered in spirituality, truth, knowledge, wisdom, and good old fashioned patriotism.

Do you have what it takes to call yourself a survivalist?