10 Bad A** Sniper Rifles

An overview of some of the finest sniper rifles in the world.

Remington 700

Weight: 6 lb 12 oz empty

Cartridge: Varies with model, common calibers include .308, .30-06, .223

Effective Range: Up to 1000 yards (depending on model)

Feed System: 3, 4, 5, 6-Round internal magazine (detachable magazine in model 700 Police DM in .308 Win)

remington 700Remington 700 SideRemington 700 PSS MirageFlage




Dragonuv SVD

Weight: 9.48 lb (with scope and unloaded magazine)
10.3 lb (SVDS)
9.7 lb (SVU)
11.1 lb (SWD-M)

Cartridge: 7.62x54mmR

Effective Range: 900 yards

Feed System: 10 rd detachable box magazine

Dragonuv SVDDragunov SniperDragonuv Modelsdragunov with supressor





PSG 1 by Heckler & Koch

Weight: 15.87 lbs

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm Nato

Effective Range: 900 meters

Feed System: 5- or 20-round detachable box magazine or 50-round drum

psg1 suppressorpsg-1psg 1 heckler kochpsg1 with bipod






Weight: 16.5 lbs

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO

Effective Range: 1100 yards

Feed System:5  rd detachable box magazine

M40A3 RifleM40A3 Chamberm40a3 ghilliem40 sniper






Weight: 15.3 lbs with scope, bipod, and a loaded 20-round magazine

Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO

Effective Range: 800-1100 yards

Feed System: 10 or 20 rd detachable box magazine

knights armament M110PEO M110 SASSM110m110 rifleM110 Sniper Rifle





CheyTac M200

Weight: 31 lbs withou8t scope

Cartridge: .408 Cheytac or .357 CheyTac

Effective Range: 2000+ m – M-200
2000+ m – M-200 Carbine
1500+ m – M-200 CIV (Civilian)
1800+ m – M-310 SS (Single Shot) )
1800+ m – M-310 R (Repeater)

Feed System: 4 or 7 rd detachable box magazine

Cheytac M200 Sniper RifleCheytac M200 RifleCheytac M200






Accuracy International  AWM

Weight: 14.3 lb (.300 Winchester Magnum) or
15.1 lb (.338 Lapua Magnum) with stock, bipod and empty magazine

Cartridge: 1200 mm (47.2 in) (.300 Win. Mag.)
1230 mm (48.4 in) (.338 Lapua Magnum)

Effective Range:1,203 yd (.300 Winchester Magnum)
1,531 yd (.338 Lapua Magnum)

Feed System:5 rd detachable box magazine

Soldier Carrying Accuracy International  AWMAI AWSM .338 Lap Mag Dutch ISAF sniper teamAccuracy International  AWMAccuracy International  AWM Rifle





Barret M98B

Weight: 13.5 pounds (6.12 kg) empty, without scope

Cartridge: .338 Lapua Magnum

Effective Range: 800 yards

Feed System: 10 rd detachable box magazine

Barret M98B

Barret M98B Sniper

Barret M98B Sniper Rifle




Timberwolf C14

Weight: 15.6 lbs unloaded

Cartridge: .338 Lapua

Effective Range: 1600 yards

Feed System: 5 rd detachable box magazine

Timberwolf C14 Sniper RifleTimberwolf C14





McMillan Tac-50

Weight: 26 lbs

Cartridge: .50 BMG (12.7 x 99 mm)

Effective Range: 2,190 yards

Feed System: 5 round detachable box magazine

McMillan Tac-50 McMillan Tac-50 SniperMcMillan Tac-50 Sniper Rifle





43 Responses

  1. Lucas_SurvCache

    Awesome list!

    If only I could afford one of those serious ones… the Timberwolf or AI AWS look the best to me. Really reach out and touch somebody.

    I'm saving up for a 700

  2. CP Tex

    Better save hard for the .338 Lapuas. Running about $4 a round nowadays…

  3. Jimbo

    That bottom photo is a Barrett M82/M107, not a Tac 50.

    Also, the M40A3 and the Remington 700 are the same rifles, just the M40 is tweaked a bit for accuracy and given a military designation.

  4. Ignatius

    The M40, M24 and the Remington 700 are all the same rifle. It's just a matter of different barrels.

  5. bob

    M40 and M24 same rifle different actions the 24 has a long action the 40 has a short, the 24 has a long action so you can swap out the .308 for a 300 win wag

  6. volz1911

    that last pic you have under the mcmillen is actually a Barrett .50 cal m82, just fyi

  7. ben seager

    used a 700 chamberd in .308 for years in compettion "White Tang" swears by it!

  8. Yup

    Hey the m98b effective range is way larger than that at least by 1000yrds and is probably more accurate than all of those rifles but nice list

    • Abrakadeadguy

      Please tell me you're not basing this from a video game. CheyTac Intervention is the most accurate sniper rifle… period. I'm pretty sure it had a 3 shot group of 6 in at a mile.

  9. USMC Moon

    What about the L96? It is better (fact) and in my option def looks better than the dragonuv….

  10. A Random Person

    There was an L96 picture under the PSG1 and a Barret M107 picture under the McMillan Tac. 50

  11. Guy

    There was an L96 picture under the PSG1 and a Barret M107 under the McMillan Tac. 50

  12. tsmonger

    Have you idiots forgot the word is survival. to see not be seen which also meet you don't engage people at long range since you then have given them you general location within 1200 yards. keep your ego in your pants and let them walk by. if they don't encounter resistance you've won another day. If you shoot and can't kill everyone around the initial target they rest of the targeted party is now hunting for you. To survive now you must actively engage them or be found since they know your in their area of operation. Be quite let them walk by unharnessed, then they won't probably actively patrol your area as aggressively as if you fracked with them at long range. Piss off a beehive your going to get stung in this case it will kill you. Snipers are always aggressively hunted down and slaughtered not just killed as well as their groups they are supported by.

    • soundmind

      Well trained snipers for years have done their job without detection or problems with the scenario presented in comment. However the comment is correct if one is untrained in the art. Good warning for the wannabes (like me) thanks

  13. Zachary T

    there was an AI in the psg section. the m110 section has a picture of an lwrc ar-15 and what looks like a dpms ar-10. in the accuracy international AWM section the bottom two are Remington 700's in accuracy international chassis. in the Barret m98b section the top pic is a Barret m107a1 and the one below is a Barret m107, neither of which are m98B's. under the timberwolf section the second pic is another remington 700 in an accuracy international chassis. in the Mcmillan tac-50 second the last pic is another Barret m107. so yeah! maybe put some effort in your picture research!

  14. mike

    just out of curiosity does the writer of this article have any idea what the affective range of different calibers are? .338 LM is only accurate to 800 yds? have you ever actually fired a single one of these rifles? i assume not because you cant even google the correct picture to put under the name of each rifle. Just an FYI a .338 can go past 2,000 yards in the right hands.

  15. Kevin

    You left out Desert Tactical Arms SRS rifle.. 1/4 MOA out of the BOX… just got back from their Precision 1 school and people who have never shot these are easily hitting 1000 yrds… sounds easy until you try it.. one guy was hitting 1800 yrds…!!! This system is SIC!

  16. Neoknight88

    Skipped the comments, so I don't know if anyone else has pointed this out, but the picture of the four "SVDs" aren't actually all SVDs. The top one looks like it is the SVD, which is chambered in 7.62x545R, second from the top looks like an NDM-86 (chinese knockoff of the SVD) also in 7.62x54R, the third is the Yugoslavian M76, which fires a different round (8x57mm) and has an action similar to the AK, not the SVD. Last is the Romanian made PSL 7.62x54R as well, which I would classify more as a designated marksman rifle, not a sniper rifle. It's action is built on the RPK, which is basically a larger version of the AK action.

  17. Kyle

    Ill be buy a .338 98b . The thing can hit a dog at 1400 m . Effective range again please?

  18. Arron

    um… the green gun under PSG-1 is actually a L96 (fluted barrel)

  19. Peter

    Wow!! These rifles are really best rifles I've ever seen. Controlling of these rifles are not so easy task at all. I'm now feeling curious for touching these in my own hand. Thanks dude

  20. benito

    Just look the area of the were bullet mag is placed and compare the differences of AWM and L96.

  21. benito

    Just observe the weapon part were bullet mag is placed and compare the differences of AWM and L96.

  22. SgtAndrsn222Inf

    As an X US Army scout platoon sniper, the Cheytac .338 was my favorite, and the Barret 50 was a close second. But now this .408 Cheytac with M.E.R. of 3000 yards, I’M LIVING IT.


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