11 iPhone Apps that Could Save your Life

There’s an iPhone app out there for everything–finding a restaurant, amusing yourself on a long bus ride, pretending you’re a Jedi complete with lightsaber. But few of us ever think that one app could mean the difference between life and death. Here’s a list of apps that will take you from accident waiting to happen to survivor extraordinaire. So pick up an iPhone 3GS and prepare to be saved.

1. Emergency Preparedness ChecklistEmergency - Checklist

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The Emergency Preparedness Checklist is a 59-point checklist that helps you prepare for any kind of emergency. Get advice on how to create an emergency plan, what disaster supplies you can’t do without and important steps you need to take in the event of an evacuation.

2. iSurvive Wilderness Support

Emergency - Wilderness

You’re lost in the woods and don’t know what to do. Don’t panic. iSurvive contains all of the information essential to your survival. In easy to understand language and detailed diagrams, this app will tell you how to tie knots, construct a shelter, set a snare and so much more.

3. Emergency Radio

Emergency - Radio

No one can predict when disaster will strike, but you can give yourself a head start if it does. Emergency radio lets you locate nearby frequencies, listen to police chatter and keeps you abreast of what’s really going on in case of calamity.

4. Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide

Emergency - CPR

Heart attack? Choking? No problem. Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide is an extensive and easy to follow guide to life saving procedures. It has videos to teach you how to provide first aid, creates detailed medical profiles and contains up-to-date information from the American Heart Association.

5. iSOS – GPS emergency locator

Emergency - SOS

You’ve just gotten into a car accident and you or someone else is seriously injured. What do you do? Use iSOS. This application reports your position to the police, medical services, family or friends and whoever else you program it to contact. After activation an e-mail is automatically sent with data you’ve included—name, age, document number, mobile number—as well as a link to Google Maps with your GPS position.

6. Airstrip OB

Emergency - Dr

Airstrip is designed for doctors not patients, but it could still save your life one day. Developed specifically for Obstetricians and those involved with childbirth. It allows your doctor to track your vitals on the go and can send notices in the event of an emergency like cardiac arrest.

7. Diabetes Log

Emergency - Dibetes

This application allows you to track glucose readings, food intake and medicine records; a must for any diabetic. Diabetes log lets you export records over CVS or e-mail and select the span of the records you want to view. The creators hope to soon include a function that lets you edit medication types and record classifications.

8. Pillbox

Emergency - Pillbox(2)

This app was created by the Community Health Network and allows you to keep track of your and your family’s medication list. It links all of your listed medications to an information database, lets you keep separate lists for each family member and stores a list of physicians associated with each profile.


Emergency - Toxic

This application is a comprehensive and free toxicology resource. It allows you to spot poisonous plants, track dangerous drug interactions and includes a guide on how to identify and manage any toxicology emergency; everything from inhaled gases and occupational poisonings to drug abuses and medication overdoses. It’s great for the expert and layperson.

10. Smart-ICE

Emergency - ICE

Designed by an EMS Director with over 30 years experience in emergency response, this program contains everything first responders and emergency room staff need to know to treat you effectively should you become incapacitated. A database of Allergies, medical history, emergency contacts and your express wishes will be at the fingertips of those people trying to save your life.

11. Escape Call

Emergency - Escape

Okay, so maybe a bad date or a lame party isn’t exactly a life or death situation, but Escape Call can definitely stop you from wishing you were dead. In the past you had to rely on a trusted and loyal friend to call you mid-date to give you a polite excuse to flee the scene of the disaster. No more. Escape Call features ringing and call in progress screens that use names and photos from your phone’s address book. Because life is to short for stilted conversations.

So next time you’re stuck in a life-threatening or just plain uncomfortable situation, whip out your iPhone and grab a hold of that app life line.

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13 Responses

  1. Charles

    Twitdar is also a good app that tweets your GPS location in automatic intervals to your Twitter account. http://bit.ly/twitdar

  2. Will

    Yeah, let's spend money on technology that we don't need and that won't work when shtf. Brilliant, isn't unemployment fairly high and the economy in a "slump"? We should all go buy Iphones and cellular contracts, then spend more money on apps. That's a great idea, if everyone wasn't unemployed and just tying to survive. But I guess you have to advertise , right?

  3. SwtSurvivalGirl

    I don't think the author is suggesting we go out and by an iphone as a survival strategy. Obviously when the shtf electronic equipment wont work for long so that's why you prepare with supplies that can be used with or without it. But I guess if you were a true survivalist you would know that, right?

  4. TexasPackerFan

    Not all emergencies are the type that will immediately knock out cell phone services. My brother actually uses the diabetes log. Survival is also about being prepared for minor emergencies, so they don't become major ones. Or the most "common" type of emergencies. The iPhone is a very useful tool. If you can't afford it, then don't buy one. Don't stop your other preparations to buy an iphone, but if you already have one, like me, then use it to it's fullest.

    Today's Survival Show

  5. BadBeans

    Quote: "Yeah, let's spend money on technology that we don't need and that won't work when shtf."

    umm….your using technology to read and post on this blog are you not?

  6. Ryan

    iDistress is another great one. If you are ever in trouble, it sends out a text&email with your location. It also automatically selects the local emergency number (if you travel overseas).

  7. Darwin

    If you expect to save a person when that is is on the brick of death, you panicking, trying to open the application…good luck..and my condolencies from now.

    Prep really, go to a course, learn test how you do it, dont count that if it is something you read, it is something you can pull through..

    I really think we are in the times were everybody is prepped and tough..and all of that from the..couch..

  8. my1responder

    If you've ever wondered what you would do if you were in a dire situation where your personal safety was at risk, or if you became incapacitated by an illness or injury, or maybe you need help but don’t know where you are, this is your solution; this App can save your life. have a look on this apphttp://www.my1responder.com

  9. Mike

    An app for the iPhone, that I believe in my heart everyone (especially kids) should have on their iPhones . It's called SendHelp! and it allows the user to first select and store three emergency contacts. These contacts are mobile number numbers that can receive text messages. In the event of an emergency when the user is not able to make a call (I'm thinking of a child being kidnapped, an intruder in their home, or witnessing domestic violence) they can quickly press one button on the app which will create a text message addressed to the three emergency contacts, requesting help and providing a location via GPS coordinates. It also gives a link to Google Maps which will show the location on a map, as well as giving an approximate address.
    I am hoping that you could somehow make your fans and followers aware of this app, as I feel so strongly in it. Again, I apology for the salesmanship (the app is only 99 cents) but I'm trying to get the word out. Here is a link to the app in the Apple App store, please let me know if you would like any more information. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sendhelp!/id481447


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