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Lighter Showdown: The Best Survival Lighter

When it comes to survival, fire starting can mean the difference between life and death. So having a good lighter is paramount to increasing your chances of survival. What’s the best survival lighter you ask?  We’ve taken some of the most popular choices and compared them to find out which lighter is the best survival [...]

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Couple Survives 3 Days in Freezing Cold

Couple Survives 3 Days in Freezing Cold

*Excerpt from After a snowmobile outing goes terribly wrong, a husband and wife find themselves freezing, and terrified, but they got out alive.  Victoria Wendt told Action News Friday she is so grateful to be back in the Valley. She and her husband worked here, commute from Overton, and were snow machining in Southern [...]

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Candle Lanterns – By Abraham

Much thanks to Abraham for writing this guest post for us. He is an excellent preparedness blogger, check out his other blogs over at You should have a candle lantern in your BOB, or one should be a part of your preps.  This is a candle lantern opened.

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Basic Food & Water Needs

Do you have enough food for 3 days, a week, a month? Here are the bare minimums you need in a disaster or emergency. Water – 1Adult for 1 Day 1-3 liters or 68 ounces (about a half gallon) This could be more depending on the weather, your weight etc. Here’s a good calculator [...]

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