Couple Survives 3 Days in Freezing Cold

Couple Survives 3 Days in Freezing Cold

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After a snowmobile outing goes terribly wrong, a husband and wife find themselves freezing, and terrified, but they got out alive.  Victoria Wendt told Action News Friday she is so grateful to be back in the Valley. She and her husband worked here, commute from Overton, and were snow machining in Southern Utah last weekend and it truly came close to being their last.

“I was going to walk out of there. One way or another, I was getting out of there,” Victoria Wendt said from her hospital bed.

Even though every step she took was on feet so badly damaged, doctors don’t know if they can be saved, Victoria Wendt did what she had to.

She and her husband were snowmobiling near Brian Head when things went terribly wrong.

A winter storm caught the couple and separated them.

“I mean we were getting two to four feet a day in snow. I mean the wind was howling…” Victoria said.

Four days apart they spent in the forest, unable to move, watching the snow pile-up around them.

“I had no food or water provision, so I just ate snow,” said her husband Randy. He did not realize that less than a football field’s length away, his wife was doing the same.

“I don’t want to die out here. That exactly were I was at. I don’t want to die,” Victoria recalled thinking.”

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  1. Mark

    Reading this story, I know how terribly hard and bad they experienced but I’m glad they survive with that freezing cold.

    This is a good example why we should have this survival kit with us.

    A survival kit is not something you figure out when an emergency happens.It’s a bug out bag already filled with life saving and sustaining gear and is easily accessible.

    A survival kit contains the items necessary to keep you and yours alive, provide protection from the elements, and help effect your ultimate rescue.

  2. Vicki Wendt

    I am glad to be alive. I made it through all the hospitalizations and the below the knee amputation. In 6 weeks, I shall be walking again.

    When outdoors performing activities, please be prepared or your life will change drastically as mine has.

    Thanks to all who searched for us and who found us. I hope to see my angels soon.

  3. Ladd

    Hi vicki,my name is ladd,my friend/partner were the 2 on snowmobiles that first got 2 you, I talked to you for a bit while waiting for the snow cat to arrive,I’ve wondered how you healed,you were walking around as I was talking to you but quite disoriented.I am at search and rescue meeting right now and someone brought up your rescue so I googled your name and I’m here.


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