Commodities: Simple survival

We can argue about “real assets” until we are blue in the face. Yes, buying silver and gold and other precious metals is great for those that want to hold onto their wealth. But how many of us have any so called wealth?

And as one wise author once said, are you going to eat your silver coins? Definitely not, we seem to be too concerned about consumerism and miss out on the basic necessities of life. When you go into a third world country, you don’t see them living the same we do, with big houses, 2 cars, brand name clothing and a bunch of stuff mountain high. Instead, their focus is on community, helping each other out to survive. They learned the hard way when they were burnt by their government and companies, because they relied on them for help. Instead they took matters into their own hands and started to be self sufficient.

So when will we learn, now or the hard way?

Before we jump on the bandwagon of buying silver, have we satisfied our basic needs? These include, food, shelter, water and to a certain extent social. By social I mean creating communities that become self sufficient because of the members inside of it who understand the goal is to help others out. You can read more about this, here.

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Casual blogger discussing personal finance and the conspiracy behind it. Currently, I am writing about survival and how to survive the coming collapse in our economy and world.

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