Cycles of History and the Coming World War

by Rick Fowler


We have entered the worst drought cycle in 500 years. It started in 2002 but will peak around 2010. If you’ve read any of my books you all know that severe drought is always followed by extreme economic downturn (1930’s where the depression occurred.) The more severe the drought the deeper the depression. History has shown this to be true, and after going back over 32 centuries and researching every single boom and bust I could find, I graphed them into a computer program that showed the ebb and flow of history as it paralleled the drought cycle like clock work (see enclosed graph). The cycles indicate that every 500 years these two cycles peak. With extreme drought one can almost bet that an extreme depression is not too far behind. We are now entering one of those peaks.


The real surprise to most people is the chapter I wrote in Advocate of Destiny: Volume I, which outlines the scientific reasons (written at a high-school level), for natural plagues (as opposed to man-made epidemics). I demonstrate a correlation between comets (yes, comets) and plague cycles! I show that the evidence indicates that comet tails are full of organic material which enters earth’s atmosphere every time we fly through one of there trails (earth does this about 10 times a year). The residue of left over debris from the comet’s tail enters earth upper-quadrants and slowly makes there way through the various layers of our upper-atmosphere (with an approximate two year gestation period – give or take). As the sun’s rays penetrate the microbes it alters there RNA in such a way it mutates the pathogens into various forms of diseases. Everything from the numerous cold viruses to full-blown plagues is shown to be formed through this process as demonstrated in my above mentioned book. It is my belief that history has recorded these various plagues, many of which are devastating to the world’s population from time to time. I believe that we have entered another “plague cycle.” Just last month, a large meteorite crashed into Peru. Just a day after the explosion occurred, people in various villages became violently sick. This, in my opinion, is only the beginning of this cycle. While I grant you many of the recent diseases could be man-made (deliberately unleashed by people in high places, see appendix B in volume I of my book); many of these current outbreaks are also “natural.” Look for an event sometime over the next three months that will get the Medias attention in regard to several new diseases. This is the start of the major cycle that will make the bubonic plague look like the 24 hour flu.


In the same book, I demonstrate that many earthquakes are triggered (not caused) by external sources. These variables are usually other planets (including planet X – the orb that is twice as far as Pluto) and the sun. What I show is that the solar system is permeated by “gravity waves” and that the planets, moon and our sun interrelate to these celestial bodies and the “fault-lines” that span mother earth where many earthquakes occur. The statistical correlation too many past quakes and the moon and the sun are beyond coincident. In another example I show, for instance, the correlate between the planet Uranus and a massive quake in Morocco that happened in the 1960’s. The chance of this occurring as it relates to the planetary variable is about 1 in 10,000! You cannot make an accurate prediction based on a false premise. I also published the predictions on the next large quakes and the most likely time they will occur for crystal shocks of 5.5 and above. These are mostly “moon and sun” triggered events. I have 95% accuracy rate so far using this technique . (I also predicted a major event would occur in the late time span of 2004 early 2005. This is when the huge Solomon Island earthquake at a whopping 9.1 occurred – circa Dec. 26, 2004. An enormous tsunami resulted from that fault line slippage killing over 250,000 people.) It is my contention that we are now entering another “quake swarm” time span where we will mostly likely see an increase of shakers in places that are “normally” not noted for them. Keep your eye on the East Coast, particularly New England and parts of the South. Not surprisingly, California and the Wasatch Front are long overdue for the “big one.” When that will most likely will happen is in my book. The Wasatch front, in particular, will most likely be a 6.8 or above within the next 18 months. This will be promptly followed by an even larger one within six months or less after the first one. The devastation of these quakes, in my opinion, will have a casualty rate of over 50,000. Within 18 months of the second quake, an even larger one will occur…collapsing the major dams across the Rocky Mountains.

Economic Collapse and the Coming Depression

As mentioned, there is a correlation between economic conditions of a given culture and the cycle of rain and drought. I show overwhelming evidence, going back 32 centuries, that mankind seems to react positively during heavy wet periods of history (major economic “booms”) and negatively (major economic “busts”) as they relate to extreme drought conditions. The “cultural mood” is measured by how good or bad the “economy” is during whatever time of history one is studying. In fact, just for fun, I went ahead and picked out just the drought cycles. They “lined up” with the economic indicators and it was amazing to see how they nearly matched in severity – depending on how deep the drought was at any given time. Since we are now entering an extreme drought cycle (the worst in 500 years), we will see the economy follow behind (a “lag time” we cycle fanatics call it) from the point the drought cycle “dips” (or peaks, depending on how you view it) and the economy taking a dive. As we get closure to the 2010-2011 drought cycle-peak, the economy will respond accordingly. This also means you will continue to see extreme weather conditions like flooding in one area followed by or during the same time you will also see extreme dry spells in other areas. I’m not saying that environmental factors “affect” the economy per se (the so called “cause and affect” relationship) – but for whatever reason, they definitely correlate in their boom and bust cycles (I explain why this could be in my book). As a result of this past pattern, we can make a reasonable prediction of events as they relate to things “economic.” Look for the stock market to become more and more volatile – that means you will see it go as high as 15 or even 16,000 and then “dip”, putting people in a sort of delayed panic. This means that many will assume we are headed for a “euphoric” time ahead only to turn right around and see things completely fall apart. This will happen several times before the “big one” hits. The rise and fall of the economy will create a mass neurosis – creating more of a climate of despair and worry. The Insiders of the global banking establishment will then begin to “make their move.” That is, the contrived “panic” will be one of many steps toward the Big Boys creating “social chaos” on the bottom so they can control use via new laws to stop the unrest from the top ( i.e. the government). The entire ordeal is a plan to foster socialist rule on us all under the guise of supposedly stopping the bloodshed and violence. This will most likely begin in late October/early November of this year. If it doesn’t happen then, the cycle “stretches” to another peak in late winter (Dec/Jan/Feb) and so on. As each peak occurs and the event did not, that means the chances increase for that event to happen proportional to how long the cycle is and when it most likely will transpire. I am predicting a complete economic collapse in 2009 at the earliest. Don’t be mislead by that – we will still see many “close calls” that will cause a fair share of panic and huge job layoffs leading up to the “big event” – a full economic collapse. That, in turn, leads us to the next topic in my book (vol. II) – the cycles of revolution.


The revolution cycle has already begun. It started just after 2001 (9/11?) and is following its typical pattern as history has shown. The cycles of revolution related directly with the level of decadence that any given civilization has had to suffer. Unfortunately, we are not an exception. Revolution as defined by the past is linked to how based the cultural has degraded itself. The more deviant and secular they are, the more violent the revolution will become. Another form of measurement used by cyclic researchers’ is the level a culture treats the unborn or the “next generation.” Have they left a huge debt that will tie that generation into financial bondage? Is abortion being accepted as “normal” and a cause for “freedom” over the body? Will these variables also lead to doubt and despair as it relates to their “belief” in the economy and the dollar that supports it? Is sexually deviant behavior widely accepted as “normal and natural?” Is pop psychology (which is actually a philosophy disguised as aiding in “mental health”) the accepted norm more than tried and proven principles of the Judean/Christian ethic? Is entertainment centered on more and more violent sports intermingled with “sexual” thrills (read “professional” wrestling)? Is a given cultural believing in “politics” over principle? Is there a proven group of elites who are attempting to take over a nation by subverting it? As I show in volume II, the up and coming revolution that we are now witnessing is following the same patterns as the other 22 civilizations recorded in history. But note carefully, dear reader, that these revolutions are rarely the result of happenstance. In fact, history has shown that they are carefully planned and executed by the very elites the masses “trust” as their leaders that will supposedly prevent these events from happening in the first place! This planned “chaos”, as they call it, has already be experimented with in the 1960’s. The rioting of that chaotic decade left over a hundred towns and cities smoldering from fire and was the direct result of planning from a foreign power (this is not theory, but was born out by recently declassified documents this writer is footnoting in his up and coming book – Web of the Spider: Three Defectors and their Warning to the West of the Coming Revolution and War). What we are about to see is the combination of several variables that will lead to social breakdown followed by warlike looting and eventually martial law. The plan is to bring us to our knees so we can accept status rule from Washington under the “guise” of solving the problem: i.e., stopping the rioting and revolution that they secretly supported all along! This revolution will be primarily a combination of economic conditions linked to the social chaos instigated by the “immigration” problem. The Big Boys have purposely allowed the other variable of the “radical Muslims” to infiltrate our nations borders (thanks to the illegal drug cartels in Central and South America that were “set up” by the Soviet Secret Service [KGB]). These groups secretly smuggle at least 7 to 12 suitcase size bombs into the United States. These are “hidden” in concealed locations and will not be used until the economy is on the verge of complete collapse. The plan is to bring them into many of the larger cities and detonate them, killings thousands and spreading the necessary panic that is part of the plan. This is not theory as some have suggested, but is now frighteningly real as several defected agents from the East have recently testified in Congressional Hearings! Note, also, that we have not mentioned the problem of the up and coming biological and chemical attack that is also planned by the Muslim groups via the network supported by the Insiders. The timing of all of this goes back to how soon the economy will become disabled through a gradual destabilization process that links to the Red Chinese/Soviet variable planned by those two nations and the struggle between the Insiders and our communists “allies”. The Soviet/Red Chinese Marxists are the ones behind many of the events that link to the “Muslim” problem – including the events of 9/11. The episodes of which I speak will most likely begin this winter and spill out into the spring intensifying into next fall. Keep your eye on the many immigration groups that are about to break out into full scale rioting – they are the faction that will most likely be used by the Insiders in creating the climate necessary for the beginnings of the New World Order. This leads us to the last and final phase – the cycle of war.


If you have ever researched recent contemporary history and war, you will learn this one pertinent point that is being largely ignored by Establishment historians: most of the major conflicts from the time of the French Revolution (1789) to the present were planned and financed by the very elites this author has been warning about for so many years. That includes WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict of the early 1950’s and the Viet Nam War as well as the Gulf and recent Iraq invasion. These wars are not because of an enemy bent on destroying us per se, but are actually “created” to give us the appearance of a threat (which is real) only to turn around and use the United Nations as a “solution” to the problem. The whole things about creating international chaos ( i.e. war) and then turn right around and “solve” the problem through the machinations of the Insiders to create a New World Order (NWO). This is the ultimate goal of the Big Boys – create the chaos necessary to scare the masses into accepting a “world government” to solve the problem. This world body will be, naturally, controlled by the Insiders that created the wars in the first place! Does that sound familiar? It should, this is the same plan they’ve had for America – only this time, they are using this same tactic of “pressure from below” (war) to solve it by applying “pressure from above” (world government). The United Nations was not only set up under a communist (Algier Hiss, who wrote the UN charter) but most people forget that the land of UN headquarters was donated by the Rockefeller family, the very people who were responsible for helping fund not only the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, but they also were directly responsible for financing an unknown despot name Adolf Hitler. Wars, then, are not the result of two opposing parties duking it out, but the financing of both sides of the conflict by the secret cabal that wanted them fighting in the first place. Out of conflict comes huge profits, and the Insiders have been on the forefront of raking it in by these wars that so eagerly fostered for their own nefarious purposes. The by-product of these conflicts is a “clamor” for an international body to step in and “prevent” this (put the name of the war here) from ever happening again. In fact, let’s create a “world body” that will have its own army and navy as well as its own power to “tax” the citizens of the global government so wars will never occur again! That’s why the Big Boys are so bent on advocating a world government view, and why they hate the Constitution and the principles that govern it. Our nation is the only thing keeping them from finalizing their final move toward that goal – the nation of America is in their way. They have concluded that the only way to remove that obstacle is to eliminate it. Revolution and war is the plan, and we are next. The war cycle index that I have compiled indicate we are now entering a war cycle pattern (2003 is when it began). This will peak sometime around 2011-12. This means that we will mostly likely enter a global conflict with the Soviets/Red Chinese sometime after 2008. Events in America, including the coming famine, drought, earthquake, economic collapse and revolution will be followed by an enormous conflict designed to bring America to our knees. That will most likely happen between 2009-2011.

Cycles of Drought, Famine and War
(from Advocate of Destiny: Volume I, pg. 267)

Earthquake patterns and the Most Likely Time that Great Quakes Occur
(From Advocate of Destiny: Volume I, pg. 226)

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