Fox News Reports Massive Food Shortages

Fox News reports on coming massive food shortages and hyper-inflation on basic groceries as unsustainable pressures from a rising population as well as crop damage caused by the Australia floods could cause massive riots and chaos around the globe.

This issue is really starting to get a lot of attention – make sure you’re stocked up on your long-term food storage now while it’s still affordable.

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  1. kay | business cards

    Food Shortages is a very scary news, and you are right, its starting to make noise all over the world. I'm just hoping that massive riots and chaos can be prevented and that each country's government can do something regarding this and be prepared for it as well.

  2. Clint

    Know of a place in town/county that makes fresh bread? Pay them a visit and start asking questions. Once they appear to feel comfortable with you ask this: "Do you mill your own flour here?" If so, they'll respond they have wheat on-site. Ask if they'd let you purchase some wheat now or after their next shipment. I just bought over 1,100 lbs. of wheat from a bread store and it is one of the best prepping decisions I could have made. I went to the hardware store to get my buckets and lids and ordered my mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. By them time I'm done packing this stuff away, I'll have almost 30 5-lb buckets of wheat. Yes, you'll need a MANUAL grain grinder. Get an electric one and you'll be chewing these things when the power goes out. Hope this inspires/helps someone out there. God be with this country.


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