How Do You Survive An Earthquake: Tips

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  1. Christopher de Vidal

    They forgot to color the New Madrid area (Arkansas, Illinois, etc.) on the map.

  2. jocuri noi

    A 4.4-magnitude earthquake this day rattled the Los Angeles city. Several aftershocks were also experienced shortly afterwards.
    Citizens submitting on the USGS local community Internet power map claimed the quake was feeling light to weak.
    The Fontana Police Division and also San Bernardino Sheriff’s Division both told The Associated Press that there aren’t any kind of records of harm or incidents.
    The U.S. Geological Survey states the quake was centered three miles north of Fontana at around one:35 a.m. Wednesday. The town is situated around 30 miles east of Los Angeles.
    People of Fontana and also San Bernardino informed AP that the wiggling as average.


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