How to make a paracord quick deploy bracelet with the blaze bar

double wide cobra quick deploy

There are many “survival” paracord bracelets out there, but have you ever asked yourself how quick you could actually untie one if you needed to?

Using the blaze bar an an anchor shackle you can make this rapid deployment paracord bracelet in less than 30 mins.

**From The Editor**
We love this take on the paracord bracelet for two reasons.
1. Deploys in seconds
2. The width of it has a better look

The author of the video has made some very interesting things using paracord and we’re big fans. Check out his etsy page here.

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10 Responses

  1. John

    Nice bracelet! Just curious, what kind of buckle is on the other bracelet you are wearing on your left wrist?

  2. Beltman

    Why does everyone make bracelets? Bracelets are hardly natural and most people forget to put them on which makes them useless in an actual scenario where you might need it. Make a belt instead.

    • Jake

      because belts are retarded. If I'm trying to survive, I'm still gonna need a belt. My pants arent gonna stay up just because I'm in survival mode.

      • Mark

        Actually, you can just use a bit of the belt (a single cord) to make an improvised belt. You can keep the rest of the paracord for various uses. I have a tut on a good belt design at I highly recommend belts over most things. Bracelets are handy too though.


  3. Celticlady1155

    Do you have additional YouTube videos for other weaves? Your instructional video is very well done. I'd like to see others on quick deploy weaves as well.

  4. Tom

    Ive been making this weave for a while before I found your page. The wider design makes it easy to release and the stainless hardware is actually useful!


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