How to Power a TV using a AAA battery

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  1. Knows better

    I call BS… This will not work.

    • Survivalspot

      Please elaborate.. I'm thinking about giving it a try.

      • Doughtbug

        Oh I don’t know…. how about the fact that TVs run on 110ac and a 1.5v DC battery won’t do a thing. Make this right and remove this blog post.

  2. themirage

    TV is AC, Battery is DC.

  3. Brad

    AAA batteries are 1.5v DC, TV circuitry is designed to run off of 120v AC. The first device the power cord on a TV connects to is a transformer with takes the 120vAC and converts it to several different AC & DC voltages. 1.5v DC simply cannot carry the current required to even fire the tubes on the CRT TV shown in the video.


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