How to Survive a Knife Attack to the Back

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  1. Spook45

    That was CUTE to say the least, the problem here is that most attacks with a knife from behind are of a nature were you will not be able to defend you will just be stuck and then fighting for your life. A mugging type attack will more likely come from the front. The next issue I see is the turn and while you could exacute it this way and possably pull it off I would much rather turn to the outside. It changes the angle of attack(or in this case defense) and puts you on the outside of the aggressors body away from his other weapons(knees, elbows and his free hand) it also leaves you with a limited set of targets that if you attack with target specific attacks, will leave your opponant OUT COLD an the street corner, battle field, whatever.

  2. Spook45

    Turning to the inside, leaves you vulnerable to other attacks as you try to exxecute your defense/escape etc. In todays world almost NO ONE usea a knife anymore(of coarse this guy is a Brit and they cant own guns there so knife crime is much higher) This is a niffty lil video, but if you live a place where you might need this, go seek out some good proffessional training and drill baby drill! These types of techniques need to be drilled into muscle memory to be truly utilized under stress. That means a minimum of 7000 reps. Find a good class and sign up….


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