How to Survive Without Disposable Diapers


If you had to bug out with the tiny tots in your family, what would you do when the disposable diapers ran out? Full disclosure: I’ve had lots of children, and I’m a big fan of disposable diapers. They’re convenient. But there may come a day when they’re not available, or when you simply can’t afford them.

The technology that goes into the design and manufacture of disposable diapers is amazing. I did a quick Internet search and found a gazillion articles and even some videos that show the manufacturing process. And the last time I walked down the diaper aisle there were about forty varieties, colors, and sizes; evidently, a lot of people buy these things. I’ve certainly bought my share during the last five kids. But being used to a convenience is not to say it’s a necessity, and if our finances took a big hit in the EOTWAWKI, disposable diapers would be one of the first things to go, so I’ve given some thought to the alternatives.

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