How Will You Survive the End of the World?

How Will You Survive the End of the World? from

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  1. NorthWind

    Well, God is speaking to us all about being a "Joseph" and getting prepared as best as our finances can but I am not going overboard and breaking the bank. I am more into self sustaining reliance and living back as they did in the early 1900's. When the gasoline and ammo runs out, I want to be prepared. (Now where did I put my crossbow?) :p

    • Le Loup

      Totally agree. I can't see us surviving a nuclear blast close to home, or even wanting to. So we have put our money into land and a self-sufficient home. I have skills and equipment that will allow us to walk away any time if we can no longer protect what we have, and will allow us to survive in a wilderness situation for the rest of our lives.
      Regards, Le Loup.
      A Woodsrunner's Diary blog.

  2. Survivor Mike

    This is really clever. It’s a great jumping off point for folks.

    On our site we’ve been working towards building our SHTF plan week by week which we document. I’ll reference this link on my site.

  3. Last Human

    LOL! I really like this guide, its quite useful. And also humorous. (i don't see how one can survive zombie apocalypse without a sense of humor). I'd like to add a couple extra useful items to also have in your tool storage: Crowbar, pliers/wire cutters & a roll of metal wire. & the car is missing a an air-pump. :) have a pleasant doomsday!

  4. Russ

    Prepare while you can. Food crisis is on the horizon. Don't be late to this Party!

  5. guest

    90-99% of the population won't survive this event for a year afteward, at least. All of the animals will quickly be eaten, for certain.


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