Making a Shotgun

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  1. Lucas_SurvCache

    Awesome! Definitely one of the best videos I have seen in a while. I wonder how the ATF would feel about someone having one of these? (I'd tell them it's a modified potato gun)

    Why would he not want the stock to be at least a little bit longer? I think I would, but then again I've never made one.

    BUT: All that and he doesn't even show us a shot?!?!?! I was really wanting to see that thing fire. And see how it kicked….

  2. Spook45

    YEs, I want to see him fire it. If it doesnt BLOW UP then I will retain this idea for emergency situation. I would be very hard pressed to use something like this. I suppose if you have nothing, this is a step up.

  3. HIM Archives

    Ok..lets say it works……..your going to have trouble loading it everytime….you NEED something to hold the trigger in place first before you load it …..ha didn't think of that did you!
    you can't hold it while loading as you need some space to screw the hammer back in….as if your enemy is chasing you….your fucked as you can't run and hold……….and try to load it



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