Monsters of Anarchy – Post Collapse Security Considerations

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  1. White Horse

    This type of media only creates fear and fear is counter productive to any possible futuristic "survival" situation. Is there no hope of humanity in this world when facing a crisis such as our parents or grandparents did during the Great Depression? Are we, as a country, becoming less and less of a Christian nation that we can no longer trust in the Almighty God Whom our forefathers founded this nation? I am realistic to store some provisions like Joseph did for the drought or as Noah in the bible but my trust in Divine Protection and Providence does not allow to believe that evil, such as portrayed here, will ever triumph over the good in what makes us all human. The movie industry, for one, has corrupted our society, especially our youth, with outlandish fantasy and rebellion creating a false world where self indulgence, without any moral thought, is becoming more and more the norm. This is what can possibly create tomorrow's violent men and women who ruthlessly prey on others if ever such an occasion would arise. The moral compass can still be turned if today's courageous men and women who will stand with conviction in their hearts to speak out with hope, justice, and truth. This day there is still hope and a "turn of tide" for humanity before the possibility of turning into the barbaric chaos that this short video impresses. If anything, we need to be more a people of wisdom and influence for others needing hope and compassion. A people who are wise enough to live and lead others to live uprightly living less with fear of what is still unknown.


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