The Coming Famine

Here is a great article that goes into detail about the coming food shortages including water, farmland and provides great solutions.


The article states the following are the coming shortages:

I am sure to a certain extent we have all been aware about most of those concerns but understanding why it is happening is another issue of itself. The article is quite extensive on it so I won’t be able to mention everything. The only thing I will say is that all these concerns are interconnected. After watching documentaries about our food supply, it takes a huge chunk of food to raise livestock compared to vegetables. Look around in North America at how many fast food places we have, after all McDonalds is the biggest beef purchaser in the world. We obviously know that fast food is not good for us, and we pay cheap prices for it, which wastes valuable farmland, water and pays the farmers a minimal price. Is it any wonder why so many farmers are going out of business while big corporations are taking over and contaminating our foods?

Let’s jump over to the solutions which are offered, which I find are appropriate and usual, but yet I doubt people will take responsibility and adopt any of it. Here they are:

  • Reusing trash
  • Knowledge in agriculture
  • New diet
  • Pay more for food

Great solutions but I think we are moving further away from solving these issues mainly because of the greed of corporations that are on a mission to exploit the remaining natural resources of  this earth. And now my understand is that with this proposed global warming/climate change will be a new era where they will set limits on human consumption while taxing everyone. To a certain extent this makes sense because as I said before, people will not change, if given the option, they only change when they are forced to or have no other option.

However, the dark side to this new era is that we will be returning to feudalism where we will have lords and kings ruling the lower class, the peasants. Because we will have nothing, and will be told what we can and can’t have, majority of people will be living in poverty. It will be a society of two classes, no more middle class. For those interested in this topic, I encourage you to research alternative news sources for climate change, technocracy and of course new world order. Also, look up maude barlow in regards to water shortage, and the right for water.

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