The World’s Most Bizarre Man-Made Disasters (PHOTOS)

As oil continues to flood into the Gulf of Mexico, we are reminded of just how environmentally destructive humans can be. But this isn’t the first time a drilling rig has caused a major catastrophe, and oil spills and carbon emissions aren’t the only way in which people ruin the environment. Here are 11 unusual, obscure and bizarre environmental disaster areas, courtesy of the Atlas Obscura. Click here to view the photos
Bizarre Man Made Disasters


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  1. GrannyB

    I am speechless!! I had seen photos or read news stories of several of these disasters, but to see them all together is unbelievable!!! Too bad we won't be able to see under the waters of the Gulf to document the latest in man's abuse of the planet. I hope after TSHTF that we take better care of the earth – it's the only one we've got!!


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