VT Tells Feds to Shove S.510 – Will Other States Follow?

(NaturalNews) In response to the recent passage of “food safety” bills S. 510 and corresponding H.R. 2751, the Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty has drafted its own resolution called “The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty.” Crafted to declare and protect the food and health freedom rights of all Vermont citizens, the resolution is essentially a warning to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it does not have jurisdiction over the food choices of the People of Vermont.

The resolution declares that food freedom is a “fundamental prerequisite to life,” and that individuals have every right to save seeds, grow what they wish, and buy and sell the fruits of their labor without interference from an over-zealous, tyrannical government. And if any federal official tries to infringe on these rights, the People “shall resist any and all” of them.

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  1. Spook45

    Well, I can tell you where I am, the State may not tell them, but the rednecks will! First damn revenuer shows up at my door to "inspect" my garden is gonna get a real close up look, cuz hes gonna be FERTILIZER! SEMPER FI!


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