Will 2012 Apocalypse Spare This French Town?

The French government is monitoring the hordes of New Age tourists in the tiny French hamlet of Bugarach, considered by some to be the only site on earth to survive a 2012 apocalypse.

A report published Wednesday said the village should be watched over until Dec. 21, 2012, when Mayan prophecy claims the world will end.

Bugarach’s picturesque scenery has made it the subject of legend for centuries, however an influx lately of wild-eyed Doomsday fanatics is unnerving the French government. In fact, members of the American Ramtha School of Enlightenment have invaded the area and set up six settlements.

“I think we need to be careful. We shouldn’t get paranoid, but when you see what happened at Waco in the United States, we know this kind of thinking can influence vulnerable people,” Georges Fenech, president of sect watchdog Miviludes told Reuters, according to Yahoo!.

The village features an “upside-down mountain,” with the top rock layers being older than the lower ones, lending the town a mystical feel. Many people are looking to the town as the only refuge from the 2012 apocalypse.

The French government is facing a tough challenge in policing the 2012 apocalypse believers invading the sleepy town. Most of the visitors are probably people who are not easy to reason with. As long as they are non-violent, however, the authorities likely cannot force them to leave.


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  1. A Texan

    Please, let's be rational about next year. The world isn't going to end because some Mayan guys ran out of room to write their calendar on a piece of stone. http://www.2012hoax.org/

  2. Autumn Shelley

    Well, "A Texan", I exist in the wasteland known as Texas as well and no, the world may not 'end' but humans all over the planet are feeling the 'sense of urgency'. Are we going to raise to a higher spiritual consciousness? I can only hope so, but in the meantime, a little preparadness harms no one. From your blog I'm going to assume that you are in some aspect of the science field, so I"ll pose the question: what do you and/or your colleagues see happening? Just another day at the office? No concerns over magnetic fields, gravitational pulls or solar storms? The fact that humanity has not seen a planetary alignment like this in the history of modern man should be a hot topic in think tanks.
    I hope you're right, I hope I wake up on Dec. 22 and my mortgage is still due. Which means I'll have to go to work. Sigh.

  3. DarkyMalarky

    This doomsday theory is way better than all the other ones cause dis is da reel one! I wunder how day found this doomsday proof town! My granpy is a wise old sage and he says his level ten protection spell will shield our free range chicken habitat! But only because Jupiter has smiled it’s crystals upon our offering at the temple of Mara! When this is all over And all the haters have been converted into biodegradable positive energy cubes, I will travel to France in my Eco chariot to take part in this hippie bannanrama orgy!


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