Five Minute Bug-out

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  1. MzLabby

    great little clip Thanks for taking time to teach , get the brain cells stirring, and being honest about forgetting your spoon !! ;0

  2. Le Loup

    I am not going to favourite this one or rate it, because I think he could have done a lot better in regard to the gear he had, and took with him, but I do like this video because it does make you think.
    Ayway, full marks for the video itself, it is well presented, and well worth viewing.

  3. brayndeded

    Very cool videos there from survivalthinktank. Yet another great site to add to my list of blogs to read and gather info from. Thanks for the post. I love reading and watching all the info on these sites, cuz "if you havent started prepping…whats stopping you?"


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