How to Get Radiation Out of Your Water

Clearing Radioactive Particles from Water

With 4+ reactor meltdowns in Japan, the first one occurring within 5 hours of the Tsunami (covered up, of course), and now it comes out that Plutonium was spilled (exploded) over a decent amount of surface area local to the Fukushima plant, we begin to be concerned with our water supply, as increasing amounts of radioactive Cesium 137 are appearing in our food supplies. Here I write a simple question and answer session on the topic of drinking and household water.

What is the safest water for me and my family?

If you drink bottled water, there are two requirements for optimum health. Do not use bottles of plastic, and DO use glass bottles. One of the best brands is Mountain Valley.

For everyday, saving money, and ease of use, Reverse osmosis is a great start. Then …. Read on….

All experts recommend an under-the sink model by OxygenOzone Inc. out of Los Angeles ( A basic water filtration of course you need to use a minimum 5-micron carbon block for the shower or countertop filter, – and if there is a fair amount of dirt or solids in the water, then one needs to use a 5-micron sediment filter before the carbon to protect the carbon block. This can be used for washing the body, brushing teeth or in the kitchen for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Ideally one should install a filter (2-stage sediment carbon or back-flush carbon tank) on the water coming into the house so both hot and cold water through the house is filtered.

IF you are looking for the cleanest high-quality water throughout the house then a whole-house REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) system is used but this is expensive up front for the cost of equipment plus intallation, and you then use DOUBLE the water in the house as one gallon produced to one gallon down the drain to create the ultra-pure water.

Now the good stuff.

For DRINKING water, I advise ultra-purifying the water with a system that uses carbon, RO and DEIONIZATION resin filter to create the ultra-pure water. This removes radioactive particles (Cesium-137 and Iodine-131 to name the most prevalent ones to start) up to 95% or more. This removes all possible carcinogens (cancer-causing elements) known at this time. The best system I have found not only creates Ultra-Pure water with deionization, but adds back minerals from coral calcium to create a perfect pure water that is biologically compatible due to its equal osmolarity with the fluids inside the body, therefore preventing leaching of minerals such as Selenium from the body, an essential cancer-preventive trace mineral. Cancer patients are low in selenium, since it is a catalyst to the enzyme pathways that help bring a detoxification of free-radicals and aid to the immune system.

OxygenOzone uses a Reverse Osmosis has been used for decades, -if you want the ‘state of the art’ complete under-the-sink system with the additions of Ultraviolet to kill bacteria and virus, and then, the Coral-Calcium trace-mineral filter that actually adds back the essential minerals into the water to create water that is balanced to your body. Warning: Reverse Osmosis contains nearly NO minerals anymore, so when you drink it, it can act as a vacuum and pull essential minerals OUT of your body. I recommend a trace-mineral complex, 2 per day, you can find this at the health food store or at our clinic (Aptos), and contains vital minerals such as Selenium, Zinc, Manganese, Strontium and more.

Can we take showers safely in the regular tap water?

Showers have an added danger that the hot water includes a small discharge of vapor, then can be inhaled, going straight into the lungs and circulatory system. Gases such as Chlorine from chlorinated water are the worst, and radiation-containing water is not really contained yet in high amounts, if at all, in a shower’s vapor. So, for right now and probably in California for as long as we do not have a local incident, showers are ok, but this situation is changing rapidly as more reactors in Fukushima melt down. BUT purchase a 5-micron filter for your shower immediately.

How should we wash our hands?

With the water from the under-the sink RO Deionization combination.

What about brushing our teeth; shampooing hair, washing off your contact lenses, etc.??

With the under-the sink RO Deionization combination (the best, otherwise the carbon filter will help much as long as you do not ingest the water, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you follow the exposure with our clinic-available TRI-Salts, a NON SODIUM Bicarbonate powder mixed in the RO-DI water and swallowed in ½ glass of water before bed. This grabs radioactive elements and takes them out of the body (and does not let them stay).

How about bathing babies?

Best of course is the RO-DI and then heat the water, – as infants AND pregnant women are much more susceptible to radiation damage than anyone else.

What water should I use to cook pasta for my family and other food?


Can I open the windows in my home? How long can I have them open?

Air is not the problem at this point. Check (our website) for every-day monitoring of AIR quality/Geiger readings. If the Counts per Minute are above 60, then precautions need to occur. Nevertheless, EVERYONE needs to take Antioxidant Pills EVERY DAY. I recommend the ones we carry in our clinic, by Designs for Health, or New Chapter Antioxidant blend. Dose: 2-3 twice a day.

Swimming in outdoor pools?

Besides inhalation of chlorine gas being somewhat carcinogenic, after swimming the best is to take a towel and wipe the skin at home using the purified water.

Watering my plants?

This remains a problem. Spinach, Kale, Arugula, – greens are susceptible to radiation. Our water, at least most of it unless you are downstream from streams is fairly safe. How safe, results are not out yet.

Soaking beans and other foods that need to be soaked in water?

This should be done in RO-DI.


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  1. John

    Doulton water filters, which use ceramic candles (filters) with activated carbon centers, will also remove radiation from water. These are countertop gravity filters used for drinking water. Their primary purpose in life is to remove bacteria from water. The ceramic candles stop everything larger than 9/10 micron ( .9), which includes virtually all bacteria.

    Any radiation that has attached itself to dust particles (i.e., fallout) would get caught by the ceramic. Smaller radioactive particles would work their way through the ceramic pores but then be magnetically bound to the carbon in the center of the candles.

    I only mention this because many people already purchase these gravity filters for the purpose of removing bacteria from river water, rain water, contaminated municipal systems, etc. It's nice to know that they also remove radiation.

  2. freeconnect2000

    Remove radiation from any water source

    Our University of Alabama patented solar desalination product uses no electricity, has no filters to replace, can be taken anywhere and extracts pure water from any contaminated water source. It removes radiation, fluoride, salt, pesticides, bacteria, dirt and other contaminants from any water. It aids people to be prepared for disasters, saves hundreds on bottled water and utility bills. Made tough in the U.S.A.

    Please visit us:

    These units can also be placed together in arrays of literally any size, as needed, to accommodate a desert vegetable farm or remote area water needs, etc.

  3. smartie

    W O W !

    Principle 1 (reverse osmosis) shure doesn’t work. The filtering is obtained with ceramics, where tiny bits of a fallout are simply collected, because they don*t dissolve in water…and to talk about the price:

    Buying 51 % shsres of a food suplier instead of buying food is another trick..;)

    Principle 2 is nothing but very slow working destillation using the sun (patented?)which works

    – only for a short time, because particles just don’t fall to the ground like snow and most of it stays on top soil for months and years. A slight wind blowing over the system would sweep up particles and contaminate everything in it.

    – the yield is only good for half a child or some flowers :D

    Either you have sun and almost no water or enough water and lots of clouds, which reduces effetivity.

    An adequate amount of drinking water for a 4-Person Family would need the size of a basketball field and a steady shining sun near sonme river…

  4. smartie

    I see, you rewrote the article, but the fact remains:
    NO affordable commercially sold Filter-System filters radiation particles out of the water.
    No household has a million-dollar air filtering system, to keep slightly higher airpressure of filtered air. Without that, radioactive particles will contaminate everything even when you keep the windows closed. (or you seal your house/bunker completely and die within a few hours/days)

    Stop advertising bulls***, or I start offering my Radiation-Protection-Cream :D

    ..just because some Sun-lotion contains titan-oxide, which blocks some radiation, a 5mm coating of that wont stop you from getting grilled.

  5. Katie

    please original poster feel free to delete smarties comments as he or she isnt as smart as they think they are.
    They obviously dont know much about radiation as they think they do.
    Im sure they will comment back spouting some useless comment about how they know everything and somehow work in the radiation sector of employment. Let me tell you now that THEY DONT. They are throwing around negative trolling to make themselves feel better.
    Please remove their comments as they serve no purpose to better the article. If they would like to have an adult conversation about radiation then fine. But I doubt they would be able to as they will quickly revert back to name calling and poopooing yours or anyone else's articles or comments.
    Thanks so much and keep up the good work. And work harder to delete the trolls.

  6. Katie

    Also if smartie wants to sound smart he really should learn to spell. I dont normally worry about spelling when typing text to a friend, but when one wants to sound smart and sound authoritarian like one knows what they are talking about. Then one would want to be able to spell words that one talks about with better precision. LOL Just saying.


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