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October 16: Biggest U.S. Day of Action Yet for Labels on Genetically Engineered Food!

The Organic Consumers Association’s Millions Against Monsanto campaign is marking Non-GMO Month (October) and World Food Day (October 16) with more than 100 World Food Day events nationwide, making it the biggest single day of action for labels on genetically engineered food in U.S. history.

– Map of More than 100 Millions Against Monsanto Events, October 16
– List of Events by State

Anger and frustration over the problem of unlabeled genetically engineered ingredients in our food reached a high point this year when the Obama Administration approved Monsanto’s sweet corn, alfalfa, and sugar beets without any regulations to prevent contamination of organic varieties and no labeling requirements, and also indicated that it will approve the first genetically engineered animal for human consumption, AquaBounty salmon, again without the labels demanded by 93% of U.S. consumers.

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