Top 10 Survival Supplies

Whether the world is in turmoil or everything is A-OK, having some basic survival supplies is always a good idea. Here are our picks for the best 10 supplies to have.

  1. Clean, drinkable water
  2. Food, easy to eat stuff (health bars, MRE’s, anything easy)
  3. A good knife or two
  4. Lighters
  5. Flashlights and Lanterns
  6. Basic Medical Kit
  7. Multi-tool
  8. A good hatchet
  9. Extra blankets & clothes
  10. A gun w/ ammo

It’s not much and once you get into the “preparedness” mindset you’ll realize even further. But hey we’ve got to crawl before we can walk right? This is a great start for ANYBODY. Good Luck!

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  1. Moose

    I have read alot of postings so far and this one is the best!!! You do not have to speand thousands of dollars to survive in the wilderness. A great place that i buy a lot of great items is at yard sales and second hand stores. It is great to have top of the line gear and all but most of us cannot afford to buy $1300 crossbows and $100 knive/tools. When buying items to save your life the only important matter is reliability!!! I have found many framed backpacks for under $10 at local sales. so far for my wife and I, I have only spent $300 and have good, sturdy, reliable gear. One thing you can do to keep from breaking the pocket book is to buy older lightly used equipment and repair it your self (double stitching canvas and fabrics etc). Scan the paper for sales or look online at e-bay or other sales sites. Make as much use of the systems available to you before they are gone and you are on your own.

  2. Richard Stooker

    Good starting point, though they're itching for elaboration. For example: gun and ammo. Do you mean a rifle or shotgun for hunting game to eat? Or a handgun for personal defense?

    Food for how long? MREs will get old fast – or stale.

    Basic Medical Kit should contain prescription medicines, but these are difficult to stock up on, especially painkillers.

    The problem is there are so many potential emergencies to prepare for. Running from a hurricane is not the same as hunkering inside during a flu pandemic.

    And if the world as we know it really does fall apart, we'll need not just supplies, but seeds, a mule and a plow.

  3. madeleine parizeau

    That's a good survival guide list of important items. I think everyone should have survival supplies in case of an emergency.


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