The Future? Wheat shortages foreshadow

While a major story, many Americans have not heard about the soaring cost of wheat and other commodities. It’s only in the check out line do they realize the hit on their budgets. Is a recession “coming”? No, we are waist deep in a recession. The problem is that mainstream America refuses to acknowledge it. That is until they reach the bread aisle and notice the rising cost of bread, thanks to an international wheat shortage.

Wheat Shortage

The Wheat Elite

Other countries seem to think wheat is more valuable than we do. Countries like Pakistan have their military guarding their wheat, since after all “Agriculture… is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.” —Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1787. ME 6:277. And while food riots erupt in Egypt and shortages loom in North Korea, China, India, Africa and many other places, we calmly continue to shop and maintain a 2 week food supply of food. Never thinking the store may one day run out of food. Well as gas soars and prices increase stores will become a much more desolate and baron place.

Extra Food; It’s like life insurance

Food and water are so easily accessible to us on a daily basis that we often overlook their true importance and value. As with most things it isn’t until we are without that we notice what we’ve lost. Food is the ultimate investment; if you can’t sell it or trade it you can simply eat it. More than likely you will be eating it; otherwise you’d be taking rations in a refugee camp. It is responsible to make preparations for emergencies. For instance: there is a epidemic running through North America. If you avoid contact with the world the virus is easily avoided. However many are hungry, thirsty and in need of supplies or assistance. Despite their resolve they must venture out and risk infection. Could this be you? Or would you be the person safely inside with enough food and water to out last an epidemic?

Limited Supply, No seriously

In states with more prominent focus on preparedness wheat has been selling out. A popular resource for wheat in Utah the LDS canneries are all running out of wheat, with prices set to double in March. A popular Idaho store Walton Feed has reportedly run entirely out of wheat. Even large stores like Costco have been rationing in some stores with supplies being sold out in others. Supplies are limited. Don’t create panic and spout messages of doom, simply maintain this mantra: preparedness is just plain smart! Anything could happen and it’s arrogant to think a calamity could never befall you. Disasters are inevitable. It’s important to buy survival equipment and be equipped with the highest level of knowledge and organization.

***This article was contributed by Chrystle Poss a.k.a. “Survival Girl”, a Survival Spot Blog Guest Author and devoted Prepper. She has been writing articles on survival and emergency preparedness since 2006. You can find her work on various websites and publications.***

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  1. Camelbak

    Speaking of Costco and rationing, you can see people stocking up on cheap staples like beans and rice in bulk… In fact the store nearby even posted a sign asking people to buy only one bag.

  2. Survival Spot

    Thats true. Depending on your area some Costcos are even rationing things like cooking oil. I’m not too worried about rice since theres just as much next year as last, but wheat is gonna be harder and harder to find. I’d suggesting beans, rice, wheat and honey to everyone looking for long term food storage. Much better than Spam and macaroni and cheese.


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