How To Make Compost Work For You

As a Prepper, I always try to make the most of my resources by recycling materials to save money. Over the years I have found that composting is one of the best ways to make use of leftover table scraps by turning them into an organic food source for your garden soil. Year over year I am beginning to see results in my garden with bigger yields and healthier plants.

Another side benefit I have noticed is an overall reduction in garden pests. The first few years after I started my organic vegetable garden I struggled trying to control the critter population and protect my plants. I had tried every natural pesticide you could think of from ladybugs to homemade garlic and pepper spray but nothing seemed to make an impact. As I stopped buying store bought soil amendments and started using my own organic compost I have noticed a huge reduction in the overall number of pests. BONUS!

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite composting resources broken down by type:

Page 1. Composting Infographic
Page 2. DIY Compost Video
Page 3. Printable Composting Instructions


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3 Responses

  1. Lee

    Hoping this works for my garden next year. Found out our soil is lacking Calcium, Phosphorus, and a couple other nutrients. Thanks for the post.

  2. Joanne

    Wow! What a great article and lots of information.I ,for one, am not going to compost the. human poo. Sorry. Way too smelly and unsanitary.Lets leave for the sanitation company for now.

  3. Survival Spot

    I can’t say I blame you Joanne! I know they say you can do it safely but I think most people just wouldn’t feel right about it!


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