Ultimate Seed Vault

“A blastproof vault being built deep inside an Arctic mountain will be the world’s seed bank of last resort. Early withdrawal discouraged.”

World Seed Bank

In case of emergency, enter the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The worlds most remote seed bank, located on the on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, is filled with over 4.5 million different samples of seeds. How the seeds would be distributed in some kind of worldwide catastrophe is unclear, but one thing is clear; there are only two reasons a seed would leave this vault:

1. To be replaced with a fresh group of seeds

2. In the end of the world when an entire crop has been wiped off the earth

Check out the interactive diagram of the seed bank here

Images Of The Seed Vault

Svalbard Seed Bank
Svalbard Seed Bank
Svalbard Seed Bank
Svalbard Seed Bank

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  1. Preparedness Pro

    This is very interesting. Plan ahead, right? I've also heard that huge corporations like Walmart actually have company back-ups/information deep within mountains instead of large city hubs where they can survive whatever happens outside. Smart on their part for sure.

  2. Lifecaps

    If you haven't started to prepare for the worst, whether it's door to door searches, natural disasters, pandemic, or the worst of all, a round up to the FEMA camp, you need to start today. There are allot of good vids on YouTube that will teach you how to prepare for long term survival and even how to create great 72 hr Bug out Bags B.O.B.(get the hell out of town quickly)

    I recommend that everyone should look into getting their hands on something called Life Caps. It is the worlds first survival pill. They shouldn't replace your food storage but should be added. Keep a 72 hr kit in your glove box and in your B.O.B. just in case. They are inexpensive, have a 5 yr shelf life, easy to pack and could save your life.


    I found out that if you use coupon code GoCaps at check out, you will save 30%.

    Good luck to all, best wishes, and keep your powder dry.

  3. Survival seeds

    None of us can predict the future. We’re all only too aware of certain disasters caused by climate change in terms of whole communities being wiped out because of hurricane force winds and floods, the frequency of which seem to be getting even more common. By having non-hybrid seeds which you have harvested and kept means that should you ever be faced with a survival situation, you can start growing food such as tomatoes, corn and peas again.

  4. Growing Tomatoes

    The only way to be fully prepared as far as growing plants is concerned is to practice, practice, practice. If the economy takes a turn for the worse, then the gardening knowledge and skills acquired from practicing will come into play at this time. Initially, when beginning to plant a garden, start small and work your way up.

  5. Chad

    I have at least enough heirloom and organic seeds to plant 5-10 acres, so enough (with seeding) to last a long, long time. Got mine from High Mowing Organics. I’m off to bug out in the National Forests for a summer/fall/winter/spring…


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